Natural Abalone Pearls



Hello to all,

This is just a general photos for any people who are interested in viewing the Natural Abalone pearls I found. I hope you enjoy them.

Sorry if the photos are too small, I took some of them last night and am only just getting used to this "posting on the internet" thing.

First Pearl

Second Pearl

Third Pearl

Forth Pearl

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Natural Abalone Pearl - Update

Natural Abalone Pearl - Update

Hi All,

I just wanted to post a link to an upcoming auction which contains one of the rare natural abalone pearls we found years ago. This is just an informational post and I thought they did a pretty good job with the photos and write up.

Please feel free to have a look at the link below and any send through any feedback you may have.

The site is

Kind regards,
Jason Hill
Dear Jason,
That is a truly gorgeous pearl! I love the colors. Good luck with the auction.
Interesting shape. Looks like a shark tooth.
Very typical "horn" shape. I have seen the selection that Jeremy Norris carries - amazing pieces. He has some 'very' large beauties.
The pearl is fabulous! But I also LOVE that shell!

Dang! I might bid on the pearl if the shell came with it! (Just kidding!)

Actually I only want the shell......
Thank you

Thank you

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I really appreciate it.

Caitlin, I know what you mean about the shells. In New Zealand it is a bit of an icon. It's everywhere being such a coastal country and I never get tired of seeing it's beautiful colours. It's the same colours that make the pearls so great.

If you ever want a few pieces of shell just let me know and I’m sure I can find some to flick your way.

Mr. Shepherd, I've heard so many good things about the collection held my Mr. Norris. Is any of it documented for viewing? I'd love to see some of his large "horn" pieces.

Thanks again for your support.

Kindest regards,
Mister Hill
Here are a couple of them that I shot personally. He has a much wider range, of course. Unfortunately I only took a half dozen photos, and most of them were of the conch.


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That is so beautiful - almost makes me drool. Incredible coloration and the shell is just as beautiful.
Abalone Pearl Development

Abalone Pearl Development

Hello all,

I just wanted to show you all some quick photos that I took recently of some natural abalone pearls which were all from the single Abalone and vary in size shape and colours.

I have had trouble finding any similar images on the internet so I thought I would take some that show the location and early stages of development for the natural pearl within the abalone. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and find them informative.

L Hill
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Additional Photos

Additional Photos

Here are some more photos from another Abalone we found just two days ago.

There were about 30 of these little ones inside and even though the are tiny, the colours are still amazing to look at.

Also, does anyone know how to correctly insert an image into a post? I used the insert button and it looks ok, but as soon as I save it, it reverts to a text link?
New Zealand Abalone

New Zealand Abalone

Caitlin Williams said:
The pearl is fabulous! But I also LOVE that shell!

Dang! I might bid on the pearl if the shell came with it! (Just kidding!)

Actually I only want the shell......


just wanted to let you know that I got a beautiful Abalone shell through my sister-in-law. If possible I take some photos and post them on this forum for all the members to see. It is rather old and even more beautiful than the one in the Bonham photo. It is 15,5 cm x 12,5 cm so it has to be a grown-up so to say. On the outer side it has streaks of pink, green, silver. I have a question about the "holes" in the shell: does anyone know what function these holes have?


Abalone Shells

Abalone Shells

Hi Jerin,

We'd love to see the photos of your abalone shell. They're always so amazing to look at.

I think I have a couple of photos myself that I could post.. Just give me some time to find them. A couple of them even show the pearls forming on the shell. In this case we actually found a number of small natural pearls within the abalone as well. I think I posted the photos of these in a seperate post somewhere.

Look forward to seeing the photos.

Kind regards
Photos of Abalone shell

Photos of Abalone shell

Hi, everyone

here the promised photos thanks to my husband. The shell measures 12,5 x 15,5 cm.






Hope you enjoy them!

Abalone Pearls From Western Australia

Abalone Pearls From Western Australia


I am a pro ab diver from the wild west of oz. I have 2 pearls that I have found that may be of interest. They are both from very old H.conicopora...a species we commercially harvest which can grow to 240mm in length. The first is a very large (50mm) horn shaped pearl, with the silvery mother of pearl colours of the abalone. The second, is what I believe to be extremely rare (*as i believe most natural pearls found in abalone are horn shaped or baroque)... it is an almost round natural pearl, 10mm in diameter and has irredescent pinks, blues and greens shining through the would make an interesting jewellary piece. I have photos...and i tried & tried to get them attached to this thread, but it would not do it! So if you want to see them mail me at , i am interested to see what value they may have with perhaps a veiw to sale

Regards Brad Adams 1st July 06
Old Abalone Pearl Collection

Old Abalone Pearl Collection

I have been asked to sell an old collection of abalone pearls that was collected years ago in Baja. During my research I came across your forum and find it very informative. I would appreciate any advice on how to establish market values for abalone pearls. Here is a quick photo of one piece of the collection. This one is about 25 mm in length.
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
need info on abalone pearl

need info on abalone pearl

I'm helping a friend who found a large abalone pearl off the coast of California. I'd appreciate any information about such pearls and their value. Thanks!

Not getting any reply to my question, perhaps I should be more specific. The pearl weighs 54 grams, and is 9cm long. It is soft green and blue in color. Does anyone know anything about the interest in such pearls?
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