My First Pearls (Not From Wal-Mart!)

Why use a jump ring at all - just use a longer jump ring and wrap that?

? Not quite sure what you mean, Wendy. Can you explain?

I tried a simple loop at the end of the head pin but then the drop stayed put and didn't swing at all. I added the jump ring to make the drop swing pleasantly.

Renna and I have been private messaging a lot with other ideas as well including homemade or bought interchangeable style hook findings with a charm type drop. I'll be equally interested to see what she settles on. might not swing about as much if not articulated. I can see that.
Mind if you don't like flappy earrings that would be a bonus!

oh, just seen what I put in orig post - of course I meant HEAD PIN not jump ring.
Oh, now I feel cheated because I don't know what suggestions you guys batted back and forth. Rats! Oh well, can't always be privy to everything...
Sorry, not trying to be mysterious. Ideas ranged from various findings on Etsy and Bella Findings to the Blossom settings from PP.

Here's one idea I messaged her today:

"Here is an idea: Form these adorable lampwork headpins ( into a French Hook, angling the flower to point forward while making a small dip so the wire can accept dangles interchangeably. Use a plain headpin to make the pearl an interchangeable drop, with a simple loop at the top that you could thread onto the French hook.
Like this:

Hi PearlDreams, that's truly ok, :), folks here are so creative and ingenious, and share so generously that it feels like most communications are like opening gifts.

I feel like a little kid who doesn't want to go to bed for fear of missing something, but in fact doesn't need to worry, you know? You share plenty! (I do like your note above)
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I popped over to your profile to see if you had albums. Do you make any jewelry for yourself, or just buy ready-made?
I haven't posted any pictures (hanging head with shame). First, no camera - then I got one last Nov and still haven't used it. Second, computer crashed maybe 2 years ago this Dec. My son was going to troubleshoot, got too busy, time marches on...I used my iPhone for a while to keep up w PG, but had to go back to a flip phone. I'm not tech savvy so while I know Boo and others here have taken photos w iPhone, I don't know if/how to get photos from iPhone to PG without a computer. I know my library doesn't allow us to use our gadgets like memory sticks or connectors w their computers...

So! I'm looking to get a fresh start with a reasonable laptop. My son says HP... Anyway -

Back to the point of your question - I've restrung an old-fashioned graduated akoya (just like yours), knotted bracelets with some clear heavy elastic, 8mm cobalt cat's-eye glass beads and those glass beads with designs and grommets (can't think of the name, from FireMountain gems, the ones that get put on bracelets... Dione, and same style but made in China, advertised as Murano glass I put small clear crackle glass beads in the large space so the knotting will hold in later versions. Earliest version, ended tucking the elastic inside the big grommet space).

Mostly, I've made earring dangles like you've demonstrated and photographed so well in this thread (because I looove interchangeable dangles)
taken apart necklaces and
done the typical learning progression of accumulating many strands of beading pearls, eBay impulse buys (oh, woe), realizing Frequently Hey, this is harder to get right than it looks! and
FINALLY reining it back, slowing down, bought some really nice big multis for a necklace and some small gorgeous multis from Pattye
and got some Fabulous, gorgeous FW drops as a gift (from PP)
and some wonderful bluish watermelon tourmaline from Adeline

- and all photographically undocumented, for now:(. All my experience is with an old-fashioned Nikkormat and it's blown the foam strip that makes the back light-tight.

Oh PS, forgot to answer - I haven't bought ready made in years because I've been buying the makings, a little bit at a time, since I found PG in '09, and that leaves my pockets 'To Let', as it were.

Never was a big spender, little bits at a time. Before PG, I'd bought pearls from the thrift store (rice krispies, and the graduated akoya w a diamond chip clasp ($25 'cause strand was broken, yea!)) and JCPenney(two 18" cfw necklaces, two 100" pinkcfw ropes), and one supposedly 'Biwa' necklace in 1980 from a jeweler from my X when we were newlyweds. And a 54" multi 8-9mm endless from

Nothing spectacular, but all enjoyable, all under $40ea except for an 18" nine strand rice krispie necklace total $54 from eBay.

BEFORE PEARL GUIDE - AFTER PEARL GUIDE :D Life-altering moments... PG is empowering and bewitching, and a challenge to self-control.
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I hear you on the cost of the materials (and tools)! It does limit money available for other purchases, but for me, half the fun is finding novel ways to use materials. I take things apart and re-use them, sometimes in different ways than intended. Most recently I used a toggle part for a pendant (photo below.) I had made a bracelet with it 5 or 6 years ago but somehow I never wore it much. Really, I don't wear any bracelets much. Now it will finally get some use. :D

If I come across some findings I love, I buy them and set them aside until I figure out what to do with them. Last month I found some tulip shaped bead caps and now I'm playing with different ideas of how to use them. Yesterday I bought a jig so as to do more things with wire. I've been making jewelry for fun since before I joined P-G, but this place definitely made me incorporate pearls more!


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Ooh now, that's clever! That's what I mean about creativity!

My initial mistake with findings and such was buying elcheapo on FireMtGems to get enough items to meet the good discount price for expensive stuff, before knowing anything about what I wanted to do, or what was really useful. I was so excited...and so I have a terrific selection of large gold-plated bead caps, in several sizes :D

(Ahem! I can actually hear you guys ROFLOL. ;)Stop it! Be nice! Huff.) (OK, go ahead, I'm laughing too)

Also it's OK, because I did get some 14k findings off eBay in '09, and I've learned a lot from you guys, especially about quality. Reading about all the varied experiences here has helped me recognize and examine what I've learned, in a friendly loving community. Because of you guys and my sister, I won't be buying 'disappearing' rose-overtoned pearls, or aaaaaany more cheap stuff! (I feel a schmaltzy, emotional song coming on...)

I always wear earrings and rarely necklaces, and usually twine the necklaces into bracelets, so when I've saved up enough money to torture myself about Metallics vs Ruckus in the future, I'll know where to direct that angst. Yes!
LOL!! I got a bunch of really crappy stone beads at first-- very heavily included or even opaque. I still have a lot of them.
I suppose someday I'll figure out something to do with them.... :confused:
LOL!! I got a bunch of really crappy stone beads at first-- very heavily included or even opaque. I still have a lot of them.
I suppose someday I'll figure out something to do with them.... :confused:

Hehe, I've got plenty of those too! Maybe headed for garden projects next summer~as trim on suncatchers?
Wow. I love the suncatcher idea. I did that with a bunch or chandelier hanging crystals once. It was fun to have the sparkles, though they all eventually dropped into the garden, where I find them occasionally, today.

We should have a thread for stuff we took apart! Not necessarily pearls. At least some of it got reassembled. That piece above was inspiring PD! If you had a crafts blog I would follow it! You could do it here too. You have a great start! So many projects to describe!!! I love these threads and just added my 5 stars.
The gem curtain is an Excellent idea! I think included and opaque are OK if the color is great, but then I'm not as much into rocks as pearls. Maybe that's because I know I could never afford first quality they're just for fun?

So, Renna, are those ear-bobs finished yet? We pearlguide good fairies will just be hanging round your kitchen chatting and hijacking your thread until you're done...
That one really got me laughing! It is actually a very good idea for all those kilos of old stuff I have lying around too. Even a short partial curtain as for part of my kitchen window, would be better than lying around in the bags, LOL.

I am still trying to do a good knotting video that includes the clasps being attached. The technical problems have slowed me down - and I am not the most most talented crafter, either. I envision you doing a video with the technique of your photo essay and easy to follow instructions, and I will be able to give up trying.

My hubby used his ordinary old digital camera to make the video I made before, so lack of a camcorder is no excuse. In fact, my Iphone made a long video of H&J's wedding so the video is not the problem, it is the technical mistakes I make. I can learn to edit them out, but don't have a computer for that yet. Maybe in the next week, but videos from you would be so fantastic, whether I ever get my act together or not!
Ha, Caitlin, I haven't even pulled our digital camcorder out of the closet in...let's see, must be 6 years. I think the last thing I recorded was my daughter's 6th grade play (she's in 12th grade now). What can I say? Electronics and I barely relate.
You are still my first choice for this, not me. It is time for anyone else to jump in and do this!! If I do it, I hope it will only encourage others to do something as well. I'll put it back up my priorities....
Sorry everyone, no dice. I will upload pics and things once stuff comes in, but in Hawaii, there is nowhere to buy quality findings (at least not near me). Craft and art supplies are very hard to get here, so I had to get everything online without seeing it in person and now I have to wait for things to ship in and ...yes, it's tedious. XDDD SORRY. I will try to take pictures of my pearls, though. They came in and are -lovely-, more reflective than I've ever seen pearls be. Not perfectly smooth, but PearlDreams did say that a wavier surface increases the orient (they have teal and rose overtones), and I'm beyond happy with them. There's a fine jewelry store directly across from my office building and I've walked over every day this week to look at the pearls in their window, going for hundreds of dollars, and then at mine, which outshine them in terms of luster and color and size, and then giggling like a fool. I was a little bothered by the rough surface at first, until I took a better look. Frankly, I've got the best pearls on the block! :D I can't wait!

I forgot to order jump rings and bead caps though, so that's a thing. ._. these are going to be the slowest earrings ever. LOL