Metallic ripples

Wow, Karman! They look so colorful in indirect light!

This happens to me a lot as well. When I receive a package I am almost always disappointed at first, but after a few days they kind of grow on me and I start to like them - usually the lighting makes a big difference.... these look fabulous!

they are wonderful...... i have to stop looking at this thread.......
i want those colorful ripples so bad

Beautiful bracelet Karman.

Thanks everyone!
I'm already planning my second purchase (not necessarily with KongsPearl)...I'm eyeing those SSP studs on PearlsParadise...I don't have any South Sea Pearls yet!
I just wanted to add that I just ordered some wrinkled ripple white pearls from Kongs pearls to make a rope. They are very nice and have great luster. I will post a picture soon, but I agree that this is a reputable pearl vendor.
Gorgeous pearls! Good idea to make 7 pairs of earrings and wear every day of the week Amazing choice of color and form!