Looking to re-home two necklaces


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Mar 11, 2024
We are working through my mother’s things and have two pearl necklaces from the 80’s. I have attached pictures and my best guess for description of each. Any interest or advice on where to sell them is appreciated. Hate to just take them to a pawn shop or recycle shop, but we have no need for them.

18” Sakura culture pearl with 14K gold clasp 5.5-6mm

24” Mallorca culture pearl with 14K clasp 6.5-7mm size

Two pair of pearl earrings. No details available.


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Mallorca pearls are imitation pearls. Nice imitations, so you may be able to sell them on eBay. I suggest you do a search on eBay for sold items like that necklace to see how much people have been willing to pay for such an item recently.
Do not expect it to be high.

As a matter of interest, you can test them by gently rubbing 2 of the pearls together. I recommend using end pearls near the clasp, but even so, you should not rub so hard as to scratch them. Imitation pearls glide smoothly on one another, while real pearls feel gritty.

As to the cultured pearls, you might consign them with a local jeweler or consignment shop. Or list them for sale on Loupe Troop.
Just so you know, there is no selling allowed on this forum.