Longevity of CFWPs

dkan 168

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Oct 6, 2008
Hello PG,

Long time no visit, hope everyone is OK and coping under the current crazy circumstances.

I thought I would share this photo with you, to demonstrate the durability and longevity of CFWP.


This little pearl is the remnant of the one I wire-wrapped myself back in 1997, and it had been attached as one of the components of a key ring charm/dangle along with a couple of old coins, a small piece of jade, a silver and a gold charm.

It had been rubbing against the rest of the key ring and the keys attached to it for all these years.

The nylon cord of the key ring dangle was at risk of breaking after all these years, so a new one is required, and I made a new pearl charm for it.

The initial pearl was a lot bigger, as demonstrated by the distance between the wire knot and the top of the pearl.

Hopefully I have picked another CFWP for the new charm, based on its slightly potatoey shape. It came from the loose odds and ends sold in 250g packs by PP to the lowly beaders many years ago!

I hope to come to LA for another Ruckus in the future.

In the meantime, take care and stay safe!

DK :)
Good to hear from you DK. Looks like your pearl has been well traveled!
It came with me to LA in 2016 for certain!

DK :)
How great to hear from you dkan! I don’t remember seeing that well-loved pearl in 2016, but I remember we are Jams sister’s! :cool: Are you still collecting the shirts? I wear the shorts and dresses all the time.
Hello back everyone.

Yup, I am still collecting Jams, as I love them!

This little pearl was with me as it was on the key ring with my house keys. However, I do not believe I took it out to share as it was nothing special.

Would love to come over again for another Ruckus and to pay PP a visit to get a strand of blue Tahitians, hopefully 2022 or 2023.

DK :)