Little h jewelry on sale at

I was able to take advantage of the sale earlier this week thanks to my enabling friend, CathyKeshi.:rolleyes: I bought a couple of earrings. This one, is a pair of soufflé pearls stuffed with tiny seed pearls on matte gold findings. The Indigo scarf is from a wonderful shop in Hanoi where they create Shibori style works of art.


Aww, Jeg, that was my favorite pair!! <3 I'm so glad you got them! They'll look splendid against your dark hair. I couldn't buy as I'm paying for dental work (probably forever, ugh). I also loved the fw keshi studs with amethyst. I think the sale was extended, too!

Great scarf!!
Thanks Pattye! They indeed show up well. I also ordered the ruby stuffed Tahitians. I normally stay away from dangly Tahitians because they blend into my hair, but the Tahitians that were used are a bright shiny rainbow so they work. Yay! Pictured with a cashmere scarf from Vietnam.

Yea, jeg!!! Guess I will have to wait awhile to see them in person though :(
Oh, so pretty, jeg. I was seriously considering the seed pearl pair as well. Glad you have them. And, the Tahitian drops are gorgeous.
Oh wow! I've always loved the 'pearls filled with pearls' and those tahitians are wonderful!
Groan. Wish I had the funds for that big soufflé pendant filled with tiny pearls. Little h is the best!
The pearl geode earrings are my favorite as well; I am SO delighted our dear Jeg was able to get them :) I'm in love with every one of those pieces, SIGH.
I still love the pearl within a pearl necklace. But I like the one I already own better.
OH wow! I just purchased some things too so I'm holding off but what great deals! Jeg, the earrings are beautiful, and the two Tahitian pearls are so similar. What a great pairing! And I agree, they are going to look great on you!