J Hunter pearl farm Fiji


Jul 25, 2008
Hi all
I'm going to Fiji and will visit the J Hunter pearl farm in August, and hopefully coming back with a pearl souvenir. Has anyone visit the farm before? Also does anyone has any recommendations on what I should look at? Any other suggestions? Thank you.
Edit: Umm I am thinking I posted in the wrong forum? They are not Tahitian pearls right?
Wow, can i go with you? LOL
I don't have any info for you but i sure would like to see your pearl souvenir.

I believe they are black pearls cultured from P.Margaritifera but their colours/overtones are slightly different from "Tahitian"pearls of French Polynesia due to the differences in environmental conditions.
Savusavu bay is an awesome place. The little town of the same name is perched right on it's shores. Hope you like curry! (on top of gorgeous unique pearls.) - They have a slamming curry joint right there in town on the main drag. Just passing it along ;) . I'm sure you'll be great and send us some pictures of those copper-bronzey-olivey Fiji colors!
Jacques thanks for the recommendation. Anything else you can recommend doing around there?

It'll be great if I could visit the pearl farm with all of you guys. Meanwhile I'll try to take lots of photos!
I think this will be a great experience. I found information about the farm visit:

Located in a small bay town of Savusavu on Vanua Levu, J. Hunter’s pearl farm is only a few minutes boat drive away from the small town.

The tour begins in the showroom with a short presentation on the history of the cultured pearl and how J. Hunter has adapted the process by one of the experienced pearl graders. From there, guests are taken out to the undersea farm in a glass-bottomed boat to view the pearl oyster culture. Snorkelling over the farm is an option, however, guests must bring their own snorkeling supplies.

The 40 minute cruise, you will see pearl oysters at different stages of growth, suspended on 200 metre long lines that run 3 – 5 metres below the ocean’s surface. The boat also comes alongside one of the cleaning platforms where you can observe farm workers cleaning and checking on the health of juvenile and adult oysters.
Oh, I wish ... sigh ... :) Have a wonderful trip; hoping for photos!
Hi Kelluv, sure Fiji has much to offer and in that area specifically, apart from the pearl farms and great food, and friendly indigenous people etc... there is wonderful snorkeling and scuba diving! I mean seriously world class. Right there. The Jean Michel Cousteau dive resort is just down the road from Savusavu, they offer incredible dives to passes where you can see many sharks congregating all together in the water, or if you want something more mellow, there is really lovely snorkeling all along the reef past their hotel. They can tell you exactly where to go. If you enjoy marine biodiversity and the prettiest colorful reef fish and soft corals in the world, Fiji is the place! My friends are there right now, they live on a sailboat, and this is what they just posted on their FB page, to give you an idea of what it is like underwater there: (attached)
Enjoy your trip! Fiji_undrwtaer.jpg
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Fiji, wow, I'm very jealous, kelluvpearls! Please share photos when you're back, I'm sure you'll find nice souvenirs :)
Jacques and 1stpearl thank you for the info. Tucs, CathyKeshi and JerseyPearl I am going to try and take some lovely photos.
Jacques, Thanks for sharing that incredibly beautiful photo!
Lucky you get to hang out with Justin, Jeremy! How many seeded oysters do they have in the water these days?
Jacques..what a fabulous photo ! (though every time I see an underwater photo I hear the theme from Jaws) Really amazing looking. I'm heading up to the Great Barrier Reef next week but it certainly wasn't that colourful the last time I was there !

Jeremy - have fun :) I should have sent you a list lol I kept thinking I was going right up until I didn't !
Thanks Jeremy, I sent you an email!
Katbran lucky you going to the barrier reef next week, I really can't swim well so I would be happy with just doing some basic snorkelling. I am learning though!