Is this pearl Akoya? I am not sure?


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Jun 12, 2017
I have had this ring listed for over 6 months & was going to remove it as I will be going away for a few weeks & did not want it to sell while I was gone. Then next day I get a real low offer of $175 for a 4 gram white gold ring with 6 small diamonds.
The pearl is about 8.3 to 8.5mm.

It's always looked different with none of the akoya halo but maybe its just a plain whitish pearl?

I just want to make sure its not a smalle south sea pearl.

I always thought the rings was 1940's as its marked WG 14K which I had on an old Mikmoto peice from the 40's but now I see Japan used the marks in the 70's too so it may not be as old as I thought but its a killer setting & would hold a nice smaller Tahitian.

Should I sell it for $175 & put the $ toward my tahitian pearls for earrings? I think its worth more but sometimes we just have to part with things we don;t wear much...

Hoping someone can help me make up my mind..

Still if I sell now & theres a problem in 5 weeks I will be out of the country & unable to deal with I'm thinking of just declining the offer or letting the listing expire which is in a few hours...ooohhh



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Well, I sold it...Hopefull it will be enjoyed & have a new lease on life. I still have to get tahitians for my earring settings & I have not bought pearls in a while but I am now leaning toward Tahitians & Australian White SS if I could ever afford.
Well by time ebay & paypal takes there share won;t be much left to put on a pearl...Really was a low price...
Paid for today groceries...
Yes, but it's money you would not have had otherwise.
However, I take your point.
Yeah, but it stings...Sort of like it was stolen but $100 scrap or $150 cash guess its a bit better as long as there are no problems with the sale...Always that chance.

I can really use the money though rather than the ring sitting locked in the vault which is not good for pearls... I have massive bills & a trip to Australia on my credit card & its a drop in the bucket but every drop is precious when your thirsty.
Congratulations on your sale! I don't think a lot of sales are happening on ebay right now. 4 gms is not all gold and the pearl isn't that spectacular, so it may not be that much of a loss. Hopefully the new owner will love and wear it often.
Sometimes we are the ones who get a bargain, and sometimes we let a bargain go to someone all works out in the end.
Ohhh... I feel better about it now. I myself do love a bargain & I think she was very happy I accepted the offer. I just know you could not even buy the materials let alone make the ring...I about recouped what I paid as when I got it a prong needed to be rebuilt & the pearl resecured so that cost some money. I was not happy as the guy said he polished the pearl so it has a few peel lines but nothing seem with the naked eye or detracts from it. I think its just a standard white akoya pearl but its about as good as it gets with an old pearl of its vintage state, So many pearls have come to me old yellowish creamish so they just get passed on but this one was the est I ever got. Don;t wear it & I guess you can say I already spent the $ on a jade bangle which I am really enamored with...