Not sure what i have...


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Apr 30, 2024
I got these pearls about 5 years ago. They didn't come with a backstory so I don't know how old or be able to even guess.
They're graduated with the biggest being 6mm and the smallest is 2mm.
The clasp has markings that say 14k and an odd shaped S inside a symbol. They're gritty so I'm sure they're real I just can't identify them. Thats the box i got them in but im pretty surr they aren't mikimoto bcuz that isnt his mark. Any help would be appreciated.
You have a graduated strand of cultured akoya pearls. These strands were common in the WWII / Korean War era. People involved in the military and stationed in Asia would buy these for their sweethearts back home. They were affordable; being graduated, they weighed less than a straight-size strand would, and therefore also cost less.

That generation is now dying off and people who inherit them often don't know what to do with them, so the necklaces frequently end up in consignment shops, especially if they are grimy from being worn a lot, and need to be restrung. Old dirty silk is weak silk, and at risk of breaking, potentially resulting in the loss of the necklace. I found a great deal on 3 such necklaces, all of which needed to be cleaned and restrung. I did that myself, and you can too.

I like to suggest using distilled water, to avoid both chlorine and hard water minerals that can combine with soap to form a sticky scum. Add a bit of mild soap to the water and soak the pearls for 15 minutes or so, then wipe them clean with a soft cloth. Rinse in distilled water and lay them flat to dry on a towel for 24 hours, to be sure the silk is dry inside the drill hole.

Here is a link to my tutorial on how to restring them: