In Person Pearl Knotting Classes?


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Apr 30, 2024
Hello All,

I am new to the forum but I couldn't find a thread on this already, though Im sorry if there is. I did find a lot of helpful videos, however I feel like I learn quicker in person. I also feel like there might be a lot of nuance in terms of learning how to feel for proper tension that I might not get off an online tutorial.
Would anyone know of any good places or instructors that teach pearl knotting in person either in the US or perhaps in Europe?

Thank you in advance!

Try calling shops near you that sell beading supplies and inquire if they have classes. They often do. The shop owner may even teach you one-on-one for a fee. Ask!
See if the Parks & Recreation departments in your town or neighboring towns have a class on beading. If they don't, suggest they offer such a class.

That being said, thread is cheap, and the best way to learn to knot is just by doing it. You will soon learn how to make a tight knot. It's not as tricky as getting the right tension than, say, knitting (BTDT, made my daughter a very stretched out baby blanket that she used as a blanket into her teens! :ROFLMAO:.) It's just an overhand knot with a doubled thread. Then you pull the doubled thread apart and the knot slides right down to the pearl before it! And synthetic thread is so easy to use- unlike silk.

If making a necklace right away is too daunting, just practice making knots between a row of beads or pearls-- no clasp, just beads with knots in between. Then when you have the hang of it, cut the pearls apart and make the necklace.