If you could do it over again - what would your very first pearl purchase be?

What a lovely project!

and Oh, so true, cmd2014! I'm rooting for you, and for all of us saving for The Big Dreams.
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Just love the beautiful bride and her wedding pearls, love and happiness all around!
Thank you for your kind wishes, everyone. My son loves this lady so, and I am very happy to have gained a wonderful new daughter.

I agree that Linda has a point about having everyday pearls as well as the fancy pieces. I saw my new DIL yesterday, and she had paired her white wedding drop earrings with a black turtleneck along with a doubled rope of dyed freshies from the little h Colorful Pearls Collection. She looked lovely. I picked up a couple of these inexpensive colorful strands for the family Christmas exchange a couple of years ago. They were popular with my in-laws. I, however, kept the bracelets for myself. ;)
Keeping bracelets - a girl after my own heart, lol!

we've got to watch our steps though; Katbran just reminded us about the Naughty or Nice lists ;-)
Congratulations Red. Next year, I get a daughter-in-law too!
Maybe she would like to wear some pearls ……
Cheers. :)
What a delightful and joyful post, Red :) Glowing pearls, a lovely bride and a new daughter for you ... wonderful! She looks beautiful in her new pearls, and what a privilege for you to be a trusted part of that! I was lucky enough to get a son when my daughter married ... no pearls there, although I slipped one in on the grandson LOL ... BEST WISHES to the new bride, your son, and you as well, Red :)
I think I lucked out on my first pearl purchase. A ring that was designed for me by Valerie Saint- Guadens grand daughter of Augustus Saint Gaudens (a world renowned sculptor) who created the $20 gold piece.
Is the ring pictured anywhere on PG, Newberry?
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Hi Lisa
Here is a link to the PP blog and a picture under question #2

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Thanks for posting that ring, Newberry! Absolutely exquisite!!!
What a wonderful wedding gift and a beautiful bride! Congratulations on the sweet addition to your family!

newberry - Awesome ring!!!
Thank you for liking my ring. We were just a two young girls drinking tequila and chasing boys when she designed it. And oh boy if that ring could talk the stories it could tell ;)
You're a tequila drinker? I would not have guessed that!