Help me pick one....

Thanks for weighing in ladies. I've picked #6. That was the strand I was drawn to from the onset and the colours are amazing.

This is going to be my present to myself for my 41st! :( :)

BTW...I love baroques, not a fan of the rounder pearls.... :D

See.. variety is the spice of life! Happy 41st! Sure makes turning 41 alot easier! I would have never guessed you were in your 40's though!! Can't wait to see lots of pics!!
Thanks, ladies! I can't wait to finalise the necklace with Jeremy. He's been so patient and helpful. It'll take a while to get to me though since I'm no longer in the US.

Ronda, I'm glad to hear you didn't think I was in my 40s but now that I'm 41, I've officially stepped into my 40s! I thought it'd be interesting to share in this particular forum that ancient Chinese believed that using and drinking finely ground pearl powder helped to care for their skin and stay youthful. Me? I rather just wear my pearls. Too much of a waste to crush and totally sacrilegious IMO. It also easier just to drink collagen. :D
I'd have to say I agree with Hanaleimom. #6 was my first choice as well. If you are getting baroque/drop anyway, the shape should look baroque.
They're gorgeous. You couldn't go wrong with any of them. It's interesting how so many of us are drawn to different strands. Just goes to show that they're is always a pearl for everyone. Can't wait to see the neck shot. Kate
Thanks Raisondetre, Pearlcat. I'm waiting for the necklace to be strung.

GemGeek, I will take another neck shot when it arrives. Hopefully seven on one neck is not an overkill. LOL....
#6 is dramatic and colorful! I hope you will take a photo of it on your neck for us! :D
Ladies...I will take single necklace neck shot and seven necklace neck shot just for you.... XOXO