Giant Keshi


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Jun 22, 2004
This is something of a special keshi strand. They are side-drilled and slight graduated, from about 12 mm to 18 mm+ in the middle. It is about 26-inches long.


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Very nice colors and chunky shapes in that strand! It would go perfectly with the Kamoka keshi studs I am wearing today... :)
Oohh.....Wow. The colors and shapes are attractive. However, it will just be wearing me. Will there be more available in slightly smaller sizes?
I can only imagine the lucky person whose gonna get this. Love it!
Will you put it on lay-away for me? (just kidding!)

Tell us about the clasp. Is it a ball and socket clasp? I just got five of those in sterling, at "hip Chicks" (or something close to that name)

They are my new favorite. In fact I was going to start a favorite clasps thread with them as the starter.
It's not a real clasp. It is just a temporary thing so we could wear it and see how much of a monster it really is.

We will probably add some to the site, but not this one. I am pretty certain it will be gone by the end of the day. The others will be smaller, of course. Much smaller!
OMG!! Out of this world!! I can only imagine what the colors are like from my Cook Is bracelet, "La Almudena"------
Will you put it on lay-away for me? (just kidding!)
In fact I was going to start a favorite clasps thread with them as the starter.

Please feel free to start a "favorite clasps" thread! Let it include both one-of-a-kind ("Nya nya, I've got the only one") clasps *and* current online vendors' clasps (helpful to potential customers). Favorites, both in terms of looks and *ease-of-use*....

I have a Freshadama strand on hold, and am unsure about the *clasp*, since I like the Double-Heart Diamond clasp's looks, but have read on this forum that it can be frustrating to use.

Currently, several of the choicest-looking clasps on PP are "Out of Stock" :(

Thanks, Caitlin, for hopefully starting this new thread!
p.s. There are so many delectable pearls to purchase, that I can see my "strand fund" easily getting whittled away.
Wa-a-ay unique, attractive, and arty-looking keshi strand. Too too too tempting.

Almost freakish. Has the total carat weight been determined?
Are these Tahitian keshi?

*I* would certainly be interested in seeing an archive of "Unique Necklaces We've Sold" at the various online dealers' web sites!

It's nice to drool over, say that 17-21mm South Sea necklace Pearl Paradise displays as "SOLD", and this keshi would certainly be a candidate.