Fred the Spider


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Mar 23, 2006
As from tomorrow here in Victoria it becomes compulsory to wear face masks outside the home.

So “Fred the Spider” is being put to good use.

Oh, Bernadette, that's delightful! Thanks for the laugh :)
Lol, Fred looks fab!
Thinking of you all down in Melbourne and hoping things turn around soon - though lockdown over the border here in NSW looks ever more likely.
You look Mahvelous, Dahling!
Can’t beat that application.
Oh Bernadette, I love Fred he is beautiful and I’ve been lucky enough to see him in person.....a truely stunning piece!
Thanks Bridie, he can be quite confronting on the mask.
My son named him as a child many moons ago.

Katbran, Fred is made of 18ct gold, his eyes are Sapphires, and his back is an Aussie south sea Keshi pearl.

LOL I think I need to put on my glasses ! He looks so real to me - totally freaked me out !