First pearl stringing!

Feb 26, 2022
After watching all the tutorials and ordering too many pearl and bead and clasp options, I finally sat down and strung up a necklace. :) pearls are from Wen, turquoise from Kingman turquoise's mine, thread and needles of course from Pattye who was super helpful in size choices. As soon as I pick out a clasp for the other wen pearls I have, I'll be stringing again :)
Good for you! There are so many helpful guides here on our...well, yes! Guide that it really makes sense to use it for everything!
Do come back to show us your stringing efforts!
Congratulations, Appalachianmama! It looks great, and I see a lot more stringing in your future now that you have an abundance of supplies and the know how!
That is sensational as a first attempt Appalachianmama. I particularly like the thread colour switch so that it is tonal rather than contrasting and how you can wear the clasp as a focal. Great effort.