First Lady to be, Dr. Jill Biden endless layers of pearls!


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Jan 16, 2017
The choice of earrings, endless layers of pearls and the white on white ensemble of our former Second Lady and First Lady to be, Dr. Jill Biden has me drooling all over. It’s over the top elegant, magnificent and she’s just glowing in this picture! I look forward to more of her drool worthy looks!!

Good morning! She has good taste in pearls.
Let us see how she and VP Kamala Harris will be surprising us all with pearls :D
Ooo yes. Are the front of her pearl earrings diamonds?
Hurray! endless pearls! I hope they both look at PG, although I’m betting now they’re too busy. Let’s see if I can bump the Way to Wear 100” strands.
BWeaves, it’s so hard to tell by the picture what type is the upper part of her earrings. I see maybe keshis or diamonds or gold nuggets!
They’re spectacular do and would love to take a closer look and know the designer who makes them!