Farm locations?

Absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures! It is very much appreciated.
good morning pearlqueen, i am in the same situation i am looking for pearl farmers also i did not know this site was against what we do
There are many threads about why we are against this shady business (buying freshwater pearls packed in dead, juvenile saltwater oysters in dangerous chemicals). No one here will give you information about where to buy them.

Do yourself a favor and read up on it. Then avoid it.
Edit: I have replied in more detail to your private message.
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Remember that this site is made up of thousands of members who hold individual opinions. We don't vote for a platform. :)

That said, pearl farmers grow pearls in mollusks, then harvest the pearls.

The oysters or mussels that are seeded with pearls for opening at parties or as a novelty are made in factories after puchasing mollusks and pearls, then inserting the pearls, one to a mollusk and preserving. You won't find a farmer selling these preserved mollusks, but there are factories that do this as a business.