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Feb 20, 2009
Hoping any pearl farmers or members who are experienced in visiting pearl farms around the world will be able to answer this question:

Are there any known pearl farms in estuaries where freshwater and saltwater mix? Just wondering whether it is possible to find pearls that are a mixture of freshwater and saltwater! The farms I have visited or know about are either entirely saltwater (Tahiti, Australia, Myanmar, Vietnam, UAE) or freshwater (China, Vietnam, Thailand).

Thank you for any feedback!
Thank you Dave. That is helpful. If anyone else has any names/locations/information I would appreciate hearing from you. :)
Looking for a place to buy bulk oysters with pearls other than ebay,amazon,ali,etsy..

Looking for a place to buy bulk oysters with pearls other than ebay,amazon,ali,etsy..

I am looking for a farm to buy directly from.I used to work for a company and interested in going out on my own.I can't see continuing to pay this company $20 per oyster and sell to customers for $30.I know there's cheaper prices out there for freshwater pearls in oysters.I would just like to buy directly from the farms if possible..Thanks everyone for any help..
If anyone has any information that they could share with me about where I could find oyster farms to buy from.That would be greatly appreciated.Tired of working for companies that over charge for oyster openings.I would appreciate any and all help with this.Thank you.
You will not find such information on this forum. We actively discourage the selling (and buying) of freshwater pearls in akoya oysters. We consider it to be a fraudulent business practice.

There are many threads about this.
Please read the following and you will understand why we take this position:
And this one about a class action lawsuit against Vantel:
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fresh waters in general grow in mussels and not in oysters.
No one here is going to actively help you with such an endeavor, pearlqueen. Please take a look at the links Pearl Dreams posted. They have a lot of good information on why it's such an awful practice.
Tonight I go witness a harvest of South Sea pearls on Pulau Talisei near Manado on Sulawesi in Indonesia and there have been trials there to grow South Sea pearls with a freshwater nuclea pearl. Some of these pearls have been tested by GIA and I spoke to Nicholas Sturman, Senior Manager with GIA pearl department in Bangkok, Thailand. Some pearls will be further investigated and a report will in a GIA publication with the tests are completed.

I will try to find out what the situation is in this matter.
Here are the first 3 pics


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Here 3 more photo's.
The farm is between 2 islands and the tide is quite strong, so the sea is moving in and out with. The wind was also quite strong there. The farm is known for producing many 'Mikimoto' quality pearls. One Japanese grafter is excellent in producing round pearls and another for ovals/drops. According to my information it is the place in the gonad where the nucleus is places. Remarkable was also the low number of baroque pearls.
On the photos in these 3: an oyster, keshi pearls and a new kind of pearl, the Orient pearl with a keshi fresh water bead.


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