Exotic Strands Are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy, very nice indeed!

Don't you have a chance to compare it with the first exotics we got some time ago? is there much difference?
Thank you everyone.

Olga, these are much more metallic than the first exotics! The first exotics' emphasis was color, this line's emphasis is metallic luster. Jeremy, please correct me if I am wrong. Although some of my first exotic pearls have metallic luster, the whole strand is not as metallic as these.
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Cathy I think your pearls are just magnificent, and the photos are much appreciated. The earrings are just amazing!!
I hope you don't mind me adding my exotics here. I got a pair of earrings, and couldn't be happier with them! The color is beautiful, but was too hard to capture in the pictures. They are silver with lavender overtone. You can even see pink in them depending on the light they are under and how you are looking at them. Jeremy helped me out with this pair, and he did fantastic! (Jeremy, once again....a big thank you!!!) So sorry my pics aren't that good. Eventually I'll get better at this. LOL!


This picture was taken outside on a cloudy day. Makes the earrings look completely different. I would say the color is closer to the first picture.

Oh yeah, I saw that color when I went to PP to get my lavender earring/pendant set. It's a very satisfying color. Sensually mysterious. ;)
Oh my! A pearl wonderland here.

I look at Blaire's and think--how very elegant and strikingly beautiful.
I look at Pattye's and think-what fantastic knock-outs-colors to die for
I look at Lionlaw's and think--stunning, Wow
I look at Cathy's and think--amazing, just incredible
I look at Cassiopeia's earrings and cannot stop looking--my heart misses a beat.

Congratulations to all of you who got these wonderful pearls!
Everyone of you lucky Exotic-owners!

They are stunningly beautiful in their metallic fairy tale colours!
I'm wearing my strand as I type...happy, happy, happy...



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Let me guess, you got the largest size? ;) I have to find something lavender, purplish to bring out the colors of the pearls. Your top and jacket make a great combo with the necklace.
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Sheri, the big ones look really impressive! Is it 9mm?

In fact I am the odd ball too: I did not dare to buy these new exotics in a fear to destroy the fairy tale of the previous one (oh those big plump ovals with unbelievable colours!)
My strand is 9.0-9.5mm. Fairly diminutive on my giraffe neck, but I do think they coordinate well with freckles... ;)