Exotic Strands Are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy - Your 'rearrangement' sounds wonderful! I confess to looking downward or at mirrors quite a bit while wearing these...can only imagine the distraction of an opera-length strand. ;)
I stopped by PP on Friday and saw some single-color exotic strands. This one strand was not round, but had a lot of depth. I hope you like the photo. ;)

In comparing these gem FW exotics to a strand of multi-colored FW pearls (which were classified as AA+ if I remember correctly) I purchased from a Chinese eBay seller (high marks, consistently positive reviews from P-G and on eBay), it is crystal clear which strand demands a higher tier.

I won't even say it. The pictures tell it better than I could.




There were two pearls from the strand that stood out the most for me. They were two deep purple/blue pearls which sit in the middle of the strand. Dare I say it, they are actually blue! *Please note the pictures and how they compare with a lustrous deep purple pearl from the same strand.



I've picked up on one or two coppery pearls and these super lustrous white pearls that seem to change in overtone (silver/copper/pink?) depending on the lighting.

There are a few peach pearls that are not very different from the norm in terms of color; however, there are also one or two bubblegum pink pearls that really stand out.

Under warm lighting, the metallic quality stands out. Under natural sun light, they are blinding. Under cool lighting, the deeper colors stand out more than anything.


All in all, these FW pearls are absolutely creme de la creme, especially compared to other FW pearls. The metallic sheen changes in caliber under different types of lighting. In this case, this is indirect natural lighting w/ overcast. I think these pictures accurately depict how they look in real life despite not having a professional set up.

I look forward to the possibility of single-colored exotic strands in the future!
Jiazzi, Great job on the photos! Enjoy those pretty babies! Did you mention size of pearls and length? Oh, and a neck shot would be nice!

Oops! Forgot to mention the specs! How could I forget... They are 7-7.5mm, 16" strand. I absolutely adore the length as I never tried a 16" strand. It's almost a choker but loose enough for comfort. If I could, I would get a larger size...at least 8.5mm. The 7-7.5mm is a bit small but these particular beauties are so bright and lustrous that I'm glad I could be wearing such a fine piece of jewelry.

I wish I can give you a decent neckshot but I'm absolutely dreadful at those and I can never tell when the lighting will be just right.
Hello pearl friends,

I took some photos this rainy morning to compare the freshadama and exotic metallic strands. I allowed some space between each row of pearls to avoid the reflection from bouncing off one another. Each photo has 4 rows. The top and bottom rows are freshadama. The middle two are exotic metallic. They are on Chinet paper plate. Top photo has not been retouched. Bottom photo was brightened a little bit.

The boundary between the inner and outer circles of each pearl is more distinct in the exotic. Reflection is a lot sharper and very consistent in the exotic strand. Exotic's colors are more vibrant. Freshadama strand, overall, is metallic but not quite as metallic as this new line.


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Those photos show that the exotics are kicked up a notch. This is the best kind of cherry picking. I hope Jeremy keeps this line up, even if it is intermittent.

I would like to see a photo of a hanadama next to an exotic. The freshadama- hanadama photo from a few years ago showed the freshies to be as lustrous as the hanadamas.......These should beat the hanies into the ground! And they are SO rare! If freshies are the top 1% of the AAA grade. These must be the top 1% of the freshies. They are the roundest you can find, which is already very rare and their luster is the best I have seen on any pearl of any kind. If there ever was/would be an investment pearl, this is it.

These are the absolute apex of pearldom and they aren't pearl-plated beads!!! They are the closest to natural pearls possible. I am so impressed with the Chinese advances in culturing freshwater pearls.
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It's funny to see all the reflection of the camera in the pearls due to such a high luster.
It looks like if pearls were looking at us; when we look at them...
I caved in and ordered a strand from Jeremy. Mine are supposed to be more goldeny. Can't wait for them to arrive!!!
Hahaha...I also bought the matching earrings today thanks to PP's Cyber Monday sale. Both the necklace and earrings will arrive on Wednesday. Yay!!!!!!!!!!