Ebay Tahitans, and how I think I actually got real ones

Marianne - Those "Tahitians" are amazing! It's kinda like a Pelosi strand on some kind of recreational drug!!!
Hmmm, maybe someday I'll post a picture of the strand I bought as Tahitian... A steal at $75 if it hadn't been for the fact they were small potato shaped FW pearls dyed grey. Not from ebay, though. In the end I guess it is up to each individual to seek information or decide to stay in the dark. In my case it lead me to PG.

- Karin
Marianne - I'm speechless (which is rare)! Really - I'm sitting here not knowing what to post!
The person that started this thread was being completely honest as far as I can tell. She said she bought Tahitans for $30 a strand. There's no way she got Tahitians for $30, but Tahitans on the other hand... Sounds like a fair price to me! :D
Ehh, sorry, it's been a while. BTW I used Red because Red is part of my first name
Well, I thought that too. I broke the bead about a year ago, but I'll sacrifice another for this thread. Please! I'm not a fraud! Just a budding college student pearl aficionado :D
It does kind of look like that. But somewhat different too, and my seller was different. Look, I'm not trying to promote a certain seller, or even myself, really. Like I have no clue what special benefit having people read the "guide" would have. I just wrote a load of stuff about my experience and had no clue where to put it. If everyone wants, I can copy and paste the article so that no one has to visit the page
Yes, my pictures are definitely needed. This thread is a whole lot more active than I thought it would be, and whether I'm wrong or not, this could be a learning experience, so I'll upload pics

I'm working on it!
I wouldn't really benefit from the link anyways since I don't sell pearls, but if specfically requested to, I'll be more than happy to remove it
I'm not a spammer, at least, I'm trying not to be ;)
I'm a she, and my name is Redwana :)
I'm sorry that I infringed on your name copyright though! I'll make sure to use my full name, even though Red is what I'm usually called by friends!

Sorry about that!

Sorry for the delay everyone! IThe website told me that I was pending approval or something like that, so I didn't know there were all these replies until I checked here today! I was never notiified about 3+ pages either :O Please don't delete me, because I'm a real person (I think? That's a whole nother philosophical discussion lol)
I haven't disclosed who the seller was, anyone notice? I'd think if I was a seller, I'd be sure to tell everyone where my store is? o_O
Anyways, I'm uploading pics, just give me some time! I broke the pearl a year ago, but since I knot them and got one with a piece of string that won't come out, I guess that'll be my second test.