Ebay Find- Wilma Flinstone Tahitian Strand


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Jan 13, 2019
So excited- I just received these today and promptly restrung them. Forgive my terrible Iphone pics. This is an estate strand that was 20 inches but I removed some pearls when I restrung them. Seller listed them as 12-15mm and he was sure they were real pearls, but not sure what type. I made an offer and he accepted. :)

I could only find small flaws on two pearls. They are big!!! I am a small person so any pearl over 10mm looks too big on me but I love big pearls anyways. I strung them with Beader's secret sky colored thread and put a SS marcasite clasp. Thanks for sharing in my excitement.

Lightbox Pic:


Outdoor Pic (Pearls are dirty here but they cleaned up nicely after I washed them):

Outdoor Tahitian.jpg

Neckshot in Bad Lighting (Very grey and gloomy here):

Big Tahitians.jpg
What a fantastic find, Gemandpearlover! I’d be super excited, too!:D
Thank You Pearl Dreams, Jeg, Pattye and Newberry! :) I love beading pearls (inspired by so many member's beautiful necklaces) and was searching for interesting pearls clasps. I find that on Ebay it is cheaper to buy a vintage pearl necklace with a nice clasp than just a clasp alone. I wonder how the strand would look with colbalt colored Beader's secret. I have been dying to try out that color on a strand.
OooLa La!!! What a wonderful necklace!! Congratulations on finding these beauties!!!
What an amazing ebay find. It's haven't had any luck on ebay recently, snd it's not ebays fault. I find stuff, put a low bid, plan to watch the auction, forgets about it...and someone else buys it. And I get emails, I just think that I am going to look later. I bidded on a vintage clasp this weekend...that someone else bought.
What a glorious find! You really have an eye for ebay treasures, Gemandpearlover!!!
What a lucky find!!! I do love a great deal on fabulous things.
Thank you Lilpearl! :)

I was able to grab an IPhone pic of Wima that shows the luster of the pearls. :)