Diamond and Peal Brooch


May 17, 2014
Thought I would share this on here as its beautiful, it belongs to my mother. The drop pearl has a grey tinge it has been questioned as to whether it could be a black pearl?


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Beautiful piece, thanks for sharing!

DK :)
I hope you won't mind, but I had to satisfy the need to see it upright...

mollymoo brooch.JPG

I die.
Thank you for rotating for me, the drop is not removable. It was bought in 1919 by my Great Grandfather for my Great Grandmother and has been in the family ever since.
Well with that family provenance, and from its appearance in the pics. I'd say your family has a fabulous natural pearl and diamond brooch.

Can you share the size of the large pearl drop with us?

The gray tinge of the drop leaves the pearl's origin wide open. At a guess I'd say the brooch may be French or Belgian, circa 1900, and the gray drop could be a natural South Pacific pearl from one of the French Polynesian territories of the time.

Drop dead gorgeous!
Wow, that drop is a large pearl, and you have significant diamond weight there too.

Are there any marks or indications of where the brooch was made?
Wouldn't it be fabulous if the drop was Sea of Cortez?