classic white strand with fur cloak


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May 24, 2012
This could have gone in Pattye's white round strand challenge/thread, too! Though I'm not doing anything special with the styling of the strand here. Just...wearing it.

Feel so glam in pearls and fur.


This is a PP AAA 18" 8mm strand, ivory tones though I don't think you can really tell at this distance.

You can't really see the pearls in the other pics but you know they are there :)
Cloaks were part of the school uniform at my boarding school - instead of coats, long navy cloaks (with hoods, but then lots of coats have hoods too, surely?) The hood was lined with the wearer's house colour, which matched the ties we wore. My school ties and cloak lining were therefore turquoise. Kind of put me off cloaks in general, though.....

Can't find a picture of the cloak - this is the Sunday best uniform (weekday uniform is different) and it's changed remarkably little since the First World War, and not a tiny bit since I went there 20 years ago!

I wonder why schools don't have uniform pearls? That would be a good idea.

Woah! So interesting! And pretty crazy that it has hardly changed. I kind of like it... I can see why it would put you off navy/cloaks, though ;)

I wonder why schools don't have uniform pearls? That would be a good idea.

This is GENIUS.
Uniform pearls - now there's an idea! ;)

Actually white pearl studs are part of uniform of Porter airline (Canadian, reportedly the best small airline in North America). The flight attendants have to wear white pearl studs if they have pierced ears. Size is optional.