Clasp help

Feb 26, 2022
Pictures are two clasps I would like to use. The problem I see... the jump rings are so small, especially inside diameter. If I use gimp, I'm afraid it'll make them too crowded to easily fit over s-hook. Although they are small, they are thick, so I worry the pearl will be crushed against a wide surface and not hang right if I use just thread. Would a small spacer bead between pearl and jump ring remedy that? How does one use these? I got clasps at firemountain. Pearls on bottom are from wen(will pair with turquoise using patty's serafil-thx!).


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Good question. I usually use the gimp in fine, since that's the only size that can pass through the tiny holes of the clasps I usually use. I buy that from Pattye as well. You could try that.
Very nice clasps! I'd get some plain silver jumprings in a larger diameter.
jshepherd I think that would be key-after practicing with this a bit, it is too stiff without a jump ring. Soldering is above my skillset currently tho, so I may just look into clasps that already have jump rings attached. :)
You can also attach a jump ring without soldering, or use a split ring.