Can anyone tell me what kind of Pearls I have?


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Mar 13, 2020
I know they are Baroque pearls but that's it. They were given to me when I was in High School by a family friend who is a gemologist and owns his own jewelry store. He gave me all the information about it when he gifted them to me but it was so long ago that I don't remember, and honestly, I was a kid at the time and didn't understand why he was so excited about them. have reached out to him to ask him for more information but he is not as tech friendly as I am and I anticipate a response from him about a week from now.
I was hoping in the meantime someone on here could help me.
Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for replying.

If I measured them correctly the necklace is 8 1/2 " long. I received them almost 10 years ago this Summer. I took some better pictures to hopefully give you some more insight as I am little to no help in this area but I appreciate any input at all.

Pearls 2.jpgPearls 4.jpgPearls 6.jpgPearls 3.jpgPearls 5.jpg
Do you mean 18 1/2 inches long?

They look like large baroque bead nucleated freshwater pearls. Large ones were rare way back when. Now they're very much in style.
Hello, I worked in a hotel and yesterday one of my regular guest gave me Pearl's necklace and earrings he said they are valuable and from the 1900ish to maybe the 1940. I don't know what kind they are or anything about them
Hi Classicastarlet,

Can you post photos? On a white background, in focus, without flash. A few closeups of any flaws would help, and also the clasp front and back. If the clasp has any metal marks that would be good to know (e.g. 14K, 925, 585 etc.)

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