Buying and Selling on eBay

I agree Caitlin, expensive for an unknotted strand - not ideal for a child's necklace
Can someone explain the American useage of 'estate' how is that different from second-hand or used?
The word "estate" is traditionally used to mean items from a deceased person's home, now being sold off, but is also used loosely to make pre-owned/used sound nicer. (Items called "estate" on eBay could have come from a thrift store or yard sale, or even a dumpster for all we know.)

However, "pre-owned" can also mean that the seller himself was the original owner, while "estate" implies that the original owner was someone other than the seller. In which case the seller may not have specific knowledge about how the item was cared for or even how many hands it may have passed through earlier.

In this case the eBay seller seems to be a jeweler, so they were probably consigned-- either by the previous owner or the executor of the estate of the previous owner (maybe a son or daughter.) We consigned some things when my FIL died; they would have been sold as "estate" pieces. Many jewelry stores around here have a display case of "estate" items.
Thank you !

The ebay seller write me:

"These are japanese akoya cultured pearls that are medium low quality. Not sure what you can expect for a strand of pearls for $149."

I need hight quality Akoya pearls in size 4mm-4.5mm max 5mm/16 inches

One of seller offered me very nice pearls in size 5 mm, with delivery in Russia it will be cost near 300$, for me necklace a little bit expensive ((((
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Hi Inga
Are you sure you need akoya pearls - freshwater will be as lustrous, round and more durable. and much cheaper

Here is an ethical seller who is a member of Pearl-Guide and ships worldwide. These freshwater pearls are a tiny bit smaller than what you stated, but have a look-- she has 2 strands:

[link removed at Inga's request]

I'll leave it to the vendors to say if they have pearls in the size Inga is looking for-- I don't know who carries that size.
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Pearl Dreams, Pattye, thanks a lot !!!
That size will be ok ;)
Very nice pearls !

These size of pearls, I need for my friend as a gift !
My friend has "normal" sized pearls ))), but now she want petite pearls/necklace)

Also, I will still looking petite Akoyas;)

This is my first post o n this forum and I am interested in a strand of the 35mm fireball pearls in white and a finding it diffiuclt to find them. There is a seller on ebay named ec-star809 (ID 4251). saw a strand in this size in Australia and it was VERY expensive (over $1000) and I was looking for a (much) cheaper option.

Could anyone let me know if this seller is ok (based in China I think) or, if not, if another seller would be ok?
I've also looked at Eastern Trade Winds but the fireballs are only up to approx 17mm each.

thank you

I do not have any experience with this specific seller but I've looked at the seller's items including the one you are interested in.

1. First of all, do not expect to get the one in the picture. He has more than 10 available, which means the photo is a general photo of the pearls in that size. Notice he has the same photo for his auction listing as for his Buy It Now listing.
One of his negative feedbacks (not for this item) reads,

"Don't like. Does not look like pic. Pearls are rough. But it is cheap!"

2. Also the pearls may not be 35mm. And the metal of the clasp is not going to be gold.
Another of his negatives says,

"these measure 14mm not nearly 17mm have ordered these twice before, different"

and another reads,

"These are not 15 mm pearls nor is it 14 k gold"

3. Half of his listings are private so you can't see what people bought.
This makes it hard to see if he ever sold these 35mm strands before and what the feedback he got for them might be.

4. He does have many enthusiastically positive feedbacks and few negatives, but a few of his "positives" are negatively worded, like these in the past month:
Not satisfied with clasp. Not 14k.
• Nice earrings - But not what I ordered - Didn't read the order form
• Color is much different than in picture.nice necklace and fast shipment
• a bit tight but pretty
• refund for item not received

If you are prepared to take a chance, go ahead-- he accepts returns. (You would have to pay to ship it back to him.)
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You could try to PM some of the smaller vendors with links here on PG. People with bad reputation don't get to hang around here :) But for small vendors they may not have everything listed on their website. Sarah from Kojima Pearls have many specialty pearls, just to give an example.

- Karin
Ha. I just went off the phone with Ebay and my experience got me thinking about all the sellers offering fake South Seas, Akoyas and what not. I just experienced Ebays Copyright madness in all things not pearls.
Since I am moving soon, I decided to sell off whatever I have no immediate use of. I have been an avid Ebay buyer for a decade, purchasing almost everything on that site and have a 100% positive rating. Now that I wanted to become a seller, I just see what joke Ebay really is. I listed (or should say tried to list) a number of items, including a Rosetta stone language course, electronics and shoes, and yes, 1 South Sea pearl necklace. My listings were now terminated 4! times by ebay in three days. First, because I changed my mailing address, then because my wireless mobile unit connected to different towers with differen IP address, then because I also now use a different computer than the past 6 years (I guess I miss that crucual cookie). So, I spent hours relisting and talking to reps on the phone. I actually also had bidders on all the terminated items.

Then today my language course listings got terminated because of copyright violation (I actually posted a pic with the original purchase slip). The fun news I got from the rep was that any brand name you want to list, you are supposed to first write the company and get permission to sell it on Ebay. Even though you might have the original purchase record. So, compare that copyright frenzy to the fake pearls that are listed allover the site. I told Ebay that they can get lost from now on (I was not that friendly, but anyways). Now, the pearls are still up there, so I guess the PearlOutlet family may need to give me permission to sell that necklace.

So, now I probably have to go yard sale, Craigslist or hand everything over to a professional seller because I cannot deal with Ebay anymore. Long story short, if you are a powerful brand company, Ebay will hunt down the sellers of your product. Otherwise, they do not care about fake stuff. I now have a much higher appreciation for honest sellers on Ebay. Particularly in the pearl field.
That sounds like it was a nightmare Ramona! Wishing you a better day!!! Why don't you send us the link to your pearl listing :)
I just spent 1/2 hour answering an eBay survey they said would take 5 minutes. It seems they are breaking out protection against fraudulent sellers. And allowing others to help pay for a single gift. They were extremely concerned about providing name brands to buyers. I suspect they are going to eliminate all possibility of reselling any brand name item without certification from the manufacturer. No reselling Levis, I guess, or Mikimotos. For single sellers to get permission for all their wares is going to cause log jams at the companies and they may just refuse to allow people to resell anything with a brand name. If so eBay will be no different an experience from shopping at brand name places. I believe I heard before that they are going to do that with electronic devices, so I guess this is the outcome. You never really own your electronics if this goes through. You will not be able to sell them without permission.

I like to use Ebay to shop for one of a kind items, whether they have a brand name or not. Old stuff, used stuff, like a large wooden salad bowl or pair of black pants. I don't think I will be able relate to the new Ebay if it becomes a brand name place. They already aren't allowing shoppers who have apps that stop collection of data from you while visiting the site. So all my eBay window shopping is tracked by a dozen agencies.
Maybe it is the new internet laws that are being pushed by the movie/music industry lobby to prohibit any type of free distribution. Anyways, I just had to vent. It takes ages to make pictures, describe the item and post it. In my case everything was just terminated without making contact first. I also never got a note about their copyright rules and asking for permission to sell is simply too much work and hassle. And just posting the necklace I noticed how many fake South Sea Chinese freshwater pearl necklaces are up for sale. I can post the link to it, though I did not really want to advertise my sales here. I just find it amusing that this item will probably be the only one surviving after Ebay is done with me since there are already alerts for providing more information on the other items I listed. Kudos for all the ethical shops on Ebay. Their customer service is also one of the worst I know.

Price is very negotiable, since I realized I may not want to stay at the job I just accepted and need to travel light.
Oh, Ramona, so very sorry to hear this. I had one ebay listing terminated without notice because it was a pair of earrings with "omega backs" which I included in the title, oops, can't say omega because of the watch company, I guess.

Your necklace is beautiful, I hope someone here gets it. And best wishes with your move.
Thank you so much Pearl Dreams. I really appreciate you taking the time to give such detailed feedback.

Long story short, if you are a powerful brand company, Ebay will hunt down the sellers of your product. Otherwise, they do not care about fake stuff. I now have a much higher appreciation for honest sellers on Ebay. Particularly in the pearl field.

Wow. What a headache. Haven't sold anything on eBay in many years. Would have needed to notify Dr. Seuss! I am sorry that this has happened to you. It's like life just isn't hard enough...they gotta add more grief.

I have a complaint with them on a fake Mikimoto currently response. Dec. 2011 I purchased a necklace advertised as Miki that came with the Miki box. Paid $325. They are very pretty and I love them. My son encouraged me to put that last winning bid because he wanted them to be from him. He is an Aspergers young man (25 at that time). So I just could not pass them up since it meant something to know? I am a sucker for mushy stuff.

Anyway, I probably paid too much. But this added sentimentality helps me live with that...and I can always sell the stupid
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Btw, they are not Miki's. Only the box is genuine...I hope, anyways. They are real pearls with a 14kt clasp. Some gentle flaws, but nice luster.