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Jan 25, 2007
Hi All,

From before I joined PF I was a lurker and also an eBay seller but the remarks about ebay sellers kept me quiet on the fact that I was an ebay seller too.

It is time to grab the bull by the horns and say proudly that I sell on eBay. It is not the eBay site but some seller's that give it a bad name. I for one try to be totally honest although I know I will make mistakes. I have learnt a lot, tonnes from the PF and hope to learn a lot more over time.

I studied Gemmology when I was a lot younger but do not have any degrees in pearls, although they are my true love apart from my dogs that is. :)

After a year of illness I have finally started selling at auction again and trying to keep my site up to 50 so listings at a time. Very hard work. I sold a lot in the last couple of weeks so I need to work hard to get my site but up to what I feel is satisfying to me, let alone any buyers. I would like an online, no bricks shop but just don't know how to go about it. If you know how I can get a sight up and running please let me know. Website easy to work :) is important and ebay is not easy to work with that way. Corrections at the moment for me at least have to be done within the HTML - not easy. I am computer literate but not high tech. Please check my site out, not for sale but you might be able to help me with any mistaken pearl listings I might have made. I don't think I have but constructive help is always welcome. Hell if you want to buy from me that is okay too :D

You may think making a dollar on eBay is easy but it is not. Fees are high, work load is enormous and when one is virtually a one woman show it is now wonder I had to have a year off from actively listing.

I do hope what I have written is not against the PF rules but for a long time I have wanted to say I am an eBay seller and proud of it. I am honest, sometime too honest to my own detriment, I offer one off designs and I look after my customers to the extreme.

One more photo of one of my favourite pieces. I do wish I could keep it. I love it.

Bodecia aka Bo aka Dawn - call me what you want.


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I uploaded the wrong photo somehow. Guess I should go to bed and will very soon but first must upload my favourite pearl necklace at the moment. I do tend to fall in love with my latest creations and the above one wasn't it. Sold in fact after being listed for about 3 days. I don't think the lady would mind though. Beautiful but not one of my top notch items.

My first love regarding pearls, apart from keeping them, is deigning. I love it. It is so rewarding, spiritually for me and also as pure relaxation.

Okay will try again.

Hi Bo Dawn
I am so glad you got comfortable enough to out yourself as an eBay seller. Now we have 2 or 3 of you we know and can trust.

Your offerings are very nice and even tempting.

Since your eBay link did not transfer over when I moved part of the thread, I am taking the liberty of posting the link to your store. I hope it brings you lots of beneficial attention.
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Thanks Caitlin,

Hi Bo Dawn
I am so glad you got comfortable enough to out yourself as an eBay seller. Now we have 2 or 3 of you we know and can trust.

Your offerings are very nice and even tempting.

It took me a long time didn't it. But for the last year I haven't been actively working my site, just a few item in my store.

I am very glad now that I did become comfortable enough to come out so to speak.

I am still trying to upload my favourite Flameball pearl and lavender sapphire necklace but for some reason it is not co-operating. I do love it and wish I could keep it but sometimes and I am sure you know we just can't but can enjoy the fact that we designed it and made it and some lucky buyer is truly enjoying wearing it. I will try again tomorrow to upload it to the site because at the moment it is my favourite. :)

I think when the PF mentioned that there were 2 ebayers one could trust it pushed me into coming forward as a possible 3rd. I do know there is a 4th at least. It is Inger from RainbowIslandPearls. She is totally trustworthy and a wonderful person. Think she is a member too but busy and maybe as me not game enough to say - hey I am an honest seller too. :0 I did recommend her ages ago.

Thanks again Caitlin, Bo - Dawn
I've seen your listings before! I'll keep my eye out for your stuff.
I also sell, but I buy as much as I sell.
Hi silverseajewellery,

I've seen your listings before! I'll keep my eye out for your stuff.
I also sell, but I buy as much as I sell.

I think that most of us start selling to fund our pearl addiction. My site is low at the moment as I haven't been able to list for couple of days. By Friday it should have a lot more of my designs on it again. They sell better than other jewellery. Which is great. A great boost for me. I am lucky I have so many designer pieces ready to be listed as I won't have the time to string up more for a week or more.

That is the enjoying part, designing not the listing. That is hard work. The designing is pure fun or so it seems to me.

When did you spot my stuff on eBay. Did you know it was me???

How can we find you silverseajewelry? And Yes, Dawn, it is good to know about your ebay store! Lovely items!

so many pearls, so little time

Caitlin, Maybe you could move the last part of this thread to one of the ebay threads? It would be closer to topic than naturals! THX!!
Dawn: I noticed you, I think, when I searched Cortez and found 1 or two of your pieces a few months back.

I just opened my store on ebay, so not a lot right now as I also have stuff on boutique consignment and gearing up for a few shows. I am working the lower budget angle, and good response so far. I'll leave the ultra luxury stuff for Care and others. Here's my info:
I saw your Keshi necklace Dawn, and I was very, very tempted! I don't often buy finished pieces, for some odd reason loose pearls are more fun for me, so I was torn between yours and more loose ones. Then it was too late, yours had sold.
I sell on ebay as well to keep me in money for buying loose pearls so I don't have to dip into the grocery money :eek:)
I can tell you a little bit about running a web site.
I got my 'space' at Startlogic for just under $100 a year, my 14 year old son built it and made it simple to upload so I don't have to write html code (I get a bit lost when I try).
I think a good camera is a must, with a good macro or double macro setting. Mine is a Fuji Finepix S9600, but there are lots to choose from (maybe too many). Experiment with lighting. I prefer daylight, but just when I got it right for sunny days the monsoons came, now I prefer bright cloudy days but the sun is back.
Selling on ebay is a lot of hard work, though I've started using Turbo Lister, which means if I ever really had time before Saturday I could prepare my listings early, or if ebay pull your listing for putting earrings in the necklace category you don't have to measure everything again (yes, I really did that!) lol.
Hi posters.
I moved this thread because Pattye suggested it and it sounds like a really fantastic idea to inform people about the best ways to buy and sell on eBay.

Post away. This thread is great. I am giving it a vote up above. And I am making it a sticky so it is always on top.
Thanks Dawn, for your great defense of ebay.

Over the years I have found *many* great deals on ebay. I bought hundreds of things with a rip-off/dissatisfaction level of about 1%. My worst experience involved a cheap item that never arrived and the seller never responded. I left negative feedback as a last resort. The seller responded to *that* saying he would refund my money *if* I retracted the feedback. Ha!

I hear what you are saying about customer service, I am *meticulous* about it with everything I've sold over the years which included some odd things like liquidating my mom's baseball card estate last summer.

So, there *are* good sellers out there. You just have to use your common sense and be educated about whatever it is you are trying to buy. Ask questions. Read feedback. Ask for extra pictures.
Thank you, Caitlin, you are Awesome!!

How can I find you on ebay, Cathybear? I have seen the website under your name and the photos are terrific! It must be the one your son helped with! What a guy!!

I have never tried selling anything yet on ebay, but can anyone tell me approximately what percentage of a sale goes to ebay? Does it stay about the same when you sell a more expensive item?

I agree that good photos and excellent customer service will help a person be successful on ebay.

so many pearls, so little time
Hi Pattye,
Yes Lucas built my site... he's a wizz!!
The cost to list varies depending on your starting bid; mine are about $1.80 tp $2.80. I'm now hosting my own photos, which only saves about 50c per item, but I can put up bigger photos. All this is Aussie Dollars.
Ebay's cut on sold items is 5.25% up to $75, plus 2.75% of the remainder up to about $1000.
It was slow and I had to concentrate the first couple of times, but it gets much easier with practice.
I can only manage about 6-12 listings a week, but I try to keep them ending and starting about the same time. There must be a good reason for that! lol
My listings are at
Things often go at the start price, but sometimes theres a bit of a flurry at the end.
I've found selling on ebay to be pretty steady, it won't make me rich but it does mean I can keep buying loose pearls!! A big plus!!
Bodecia hi,
First I would like to thank Caitlin for taking the effort to post your ebay store. I love all your pcs. They have such flare and sensitivity. I am waiting for my ebay account to be activated so I could make a bit on a couple of your necklaces. Keep up the inspiration.
Hi Cathy,

I think it is great of you who have had some experience with selling on Ebay, that you share with our members who are trying to get started as well.

It?s a pity the others don?t have a "Lucas" to built their websites with the technical specialities....:)

Hi everyone,

Bo/Dawn - I am so glad you "came out" - I think it takes an element of bravery to display your designs and wares to such a discerning audience as the PGers! As I have said to you before, I think your pieces are just gorgeous, and I think it's fantastic that we know there are more great sellers out there. I use ebay for all sorts of stuff - reading feedback to see that it looks authentic, never buying from unknowns etc. I've bought pearls, my Lindstrom tools, electronics, theatre tickets, on ebay with only 1 kind of bad experience. Even that one wasn't so bad. Cathybear - I already love your website, have visited a few times, but didn't know you sold on ebay as well. Silversea it's good to see your things as well - it's great you have showed your hand too.

Thanks all for letting us see your stores, and for giving ebay a better reputation - I for one think it deserves it!
I probably missed good information, so any questions, ask.
The time might come Lucas can do sites for other people but I expect he'll want to be PAID!

Hi Cathybear,

I had been planning to contact you to ask a couple of questions. Now that we are out in the open I might as well do it here.

One I was planning to ask you how I find your prices on your site. I couldn't seem to negotiate it. Love your site by the way and your ebay site. Only had a quick look earlier at your ebay site but will have another look tonight.

The other question was just has you have mentioned. When do you think Lucas would be ready to do sites for others. Naturally paid. It must be a big job. But I for one would need it easy to use. I am not up on HMTL or is it HTML - that is how bad I am. I really want a nice web site but am hopeless with the codes and it would have to be almost idiot proof. As in talk to me like I am a 5 year old :)

Do you know of anyone else who does good site work if Lucas is not ready for it yet?

Thanks, Dawn
Hi Dawn,
The prices are to the left of the photo of each item, near the bottom, after all other details and above item number. Maybe your monitor is narrower than mine?? If you can't see we need to fix something.

I spoke to Lucas, I think he has the ability, but we have to work out how to go about it; he also would probably need to make a program for uploading, to keep it easy. Instead of html he has laid mine out so i just fill in the spaces (and don't need to keep asking him to fix it lol)
You could probably start by thinking about how you would like it to look , be laid out and what content you want. Best to know that whoever builds it.
Probably we should talk on the phone, I'll pm you my number, but not tonight!! lol. I think we're in the same time zone.
Oh! Do you string for Jamie??
I'm an occasional ebay seller. But I don't sell pearls. Mostly womens vintage clothing and some baby items, a few vintage collectables... etc.

My mother is a pretty regular seller of vintage clothes.