Bountiful seahorses!


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May 20, 2017
Hello there pearl folks!

How are you all? Hope you all doing great! I'm just come and go here like a ghost only posting if I got something interesting to show!

Finally I have something made for the Fijian pearls I got from Cees! I have a pair of sea horses earrings and a seahorse pendant.

When I think of pearls I always think nautical so sea horse is a befitting frame for this beautiful pearls. I have 2 smaller pearls about 10 mm and 1 large 14 mm pearl, so it's proper to have it made into a pair of earrings and a pendant.

Cees pearls always so special so I want to make sure it will be made into special showy pieces. The frame is 18kt solid gold. I chose yellow gold because I think the gold yellow will accentuate the coppery color of the Fijian pearls. I am very happy with the looks of these pieces.

I attached few photos! Hope you'll enjoy!


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I layered with another seahorse Tahitian strand also came from Cees!


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Congratulations Asurazzy; your new seahorse pieces are very beautiful! The gold work is exquisite, and a fitting backdrop for the gorgeous pearls ... looks like you just had your photos taken on a red carpet runway :)
What a beautiful and creative design!! I especially love the short strand with the seahorse on the side.
Those are stunning. Every detail is just right, and they look wonderful on you. Wear them in good health!
I love these!!! Did Cees have them made for you? Like you, I always think of watery creatures to go with pearls which is why I have a few octopus pieces. I love the idea of seahorses! These are so beautiful & the gold accentuates the Fiji pearls perfectly!!
Beautiful seahorse and pearl earrings and pendant. Thank you for sharing your photos with us.
Those seahorses are divine. Are the earrings heavy? I love seahorses, so pretty. I wanted to have real ones when I was little, but since they require salt water I got guppies instead...and welcome back. You have the prettiest pieces. Havd you made anything with the greenish golden pearls you bought from Cees yet? I have no patience, so I string my pearls the second I get them home and always ask to have any pearls drilled or halfdrilled before they gets shipped. You get some great pieces your way.
Beautiful! The look is playful and luxurious. I am sure you get tons of compliments when wearing them.
Thank you everyone for your kind words!

The Fijian pearls I got from Cees while it's made by my mother's jeweller. For the seahorse gold I gave my broken gold pieces to be melted down and then added more gold from the Jeweller to save cost and to recycle my broken gold jewelleries at the same time.

The earrings are quite heavy but I'm used to wearing heavy earrings. I like big pearls jewelleries in general so weight doesn't worry me. I haven't made anything out of the green SS, plan to do diamond dangle earrings for them to match the SS pearl diamond necklace that is in the making now. I will post the necklace once its finish.

Haven't got the chance to wear the seahorses anywhere, so I just wear them today going grocery shopping to Costco hahahaha! I took another clearer ear shot of the earrings and showing the hook. I also took another neck and earshot.


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Just faboulous. The earring hook looks really secure. The set looks great on you.
As my father in law would say when impressed: Oh, My, My! Those seahorses are wonderful, and they look wonderful on you.