Baby south sea or freshwater or fake. chinese akoyas?


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Aug 11, 2020
Hello everyone,

What kind of pearls are those? Is it a good necklace for around 200 usd? The clasp is gold and the seller says its from Thailand. The pearls measure around 8mm I guess.
The other one i guess is made of chinese akoyas? Is there such thing? the box is very old and never been used.

Thank you all any advice is very welcome haha.




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Hello Elias, welcome back!
The multi-colored strand looks like a Tahitian pearl strand to me (except for some pearls that just look like freshwaters, especially a "peach colored" one in the back). It's not very well worked, since it "sits crooked" on the woman's neck, but for $200 it does not sound too bad. Still, I would recommend check other sites to compare prices.

The 2nd necklace is a bit more complicated; I would prefer a closer look at the pearls. It does look like Akoya but could just as easily be freshwaters or even South Seas. They look round to me, but can't get that good a look from the photos. How large are the pearls?
I got a 'fake' feeling about the second necklace. It's out of focus and hard to see so may just be me...
I agree. You can-t really see asumes its pearls but could easily also be an imitation.
Hello Douglas and KarinK, thank you for your advices. Sorry for taking so long to answer.
I gave up on the second necklace but still in doubt about the first. Do you all really think it's tahitian south sea? Now the price is 150 USD that's good right? Should I buy it?


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For $150 bucks it's a STEAL if it is indeed a Tahitian pearl necklace. The fact that it looks like a multi-colored strand makes me believe it is made with natural colored pearls...but the first photo you published, well the pearls look absolutely CLEAN, spotless, with great luster...and then it's a 46" necklace (from the photo you posted above).

I don't know Elias..."smells fishy to me" I could only tell you to go for it if I had the necklace in my hands and I could check it. The photos are just not good enough for me. I hope someone else can offer their advice too.
I does have the right tahitian coloring. And I can se some small marks and a slightly oval almost a faint drop shape. It sure does look tahitian. If not it's the best fake tahitian I've seen. I haven't ever come across a multicolored fake tahitian strand. Mostly they have been trying to imitate peacocks. I would probably buy out of curiosity.
Does the seller offer you a Return Policy? If he/she does...$150 is a steal!
I agree with Charlotta, my main instincts tell me it is a bona-fide Tahitian multi-colored strand...but then the price just makes me doubt!
So I've followed your opinion and bought the necklace. The total cost with shipping was around 170. If I have to return it I will loose nothing. It hasn't arrived yet but I asked for more pictures and the seller sent me. What do you think? It looks pretty right? It is not from Thailand but from Vietnam.


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Looks pretty! Once you have it please take additional photos and give more data. I am puzzled!
The stringing is odd. I would have expected gimp at the ends. Maybe someone got their hands on one large lot and are selling only those without a background knowledge?
The pearls have arrived. I can send the necklace back, untill middle august I guess, for a full refund. The pearls measure from almost 8mm to a little bit over 8mm at the front. The clasp is marked 18k 750, and I have already tested. 18 inches total.
Interestingly it came with a certificate, don't know if that's worth anything, but the seller didn't informed me that.
Also, the pearls are darker than the seller pictures. And it isn't crooked.
So, what do you think? Here are some pictures, daylight.


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I think that it's pretty. The certificate I wouldn't take too seriously, it's easy to make a certificate. But the pearls are pretty
It is pretty. Nice looking. I agree with Charlotta...anyone can make a certificate, especially if you make it for your own company...but it looks the part. Seems kosher to me. I would LOVE to actually have it my hands to check it, but that is not going to happen so...
Thanks everyone, Douglas and Charlotta and KarinK.
​​​​​​So it was really a good deal?
Do you think it would be a nice idea to change the color scheme? Have it restrung.
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If these are indeed was a real deal buster!
I like the color scheme, but you may try and change it, why not?
I would not re-string it unless it had a problem with the thread or wanted to create something new.
Have fun with it...either creating something new or just wearing it! :)
I bought a digital caliper. It is from a good brand. I measured the pearls from 7.2mm to almost 8 the larger one. I didn't found tahitians this small on the internet. Maybe they're not real? They look so pretty and I like the size. I still have time to return the necklace. What do you think?
There are -or were- some "Baby Tahitian Pearls" produced some years ago. They started at 7 mm. They could still be kosher. The only way to really tell is by having someone that is experienced with Tahitian pearls see them up close. I know I would be able to do it...and I am SURE we got many more that are as good and better. Maybe you can tell us what town/city you live and ask and see if there is anyone close by to check them....OR take them as they are, and ENJOY THEM :)

If they are Tahitian, you got a great bargain. If not: that is still a good price I think!
An internet search yields a number of travel posts about a Legend "pearl farm" in Halong Bay, Vietnam ... seems to be a favorite cruise ship excursion stop, with wide ranging reports on pearls sold, type etc. I agree with Douglas, a very pretty necklace, and a fair price either way.