Baby south sea or freshwater or fake. chinese akoyas?

Thank you Douglas, Cathy and pearlescence. I think, from my very limited recently acquired knowledge of pearls hahaha, very very limited, and from your expert perceptions they are tahitian pearls. I went to a nice pearl jewelry store here and looked and looked and to my eyes, untrained, the freshwater looked very different, more like a shiny fabric and not so glassy. The tahitians looked more like if they were coated with a glass, like mines. Sorry for this horrible comparison, I can't explain it better.
and also, like you said, was a good deal anyway, just the clasp would cost something like 50, maybe?
Douglas, I wish I could take to anyone of you to see it in person but I'm very sure we live very far away, I'm from Brazil and we don't have a lot of people here that love and understand pearls.
if everything goes ok this year maybe I'll start to travel again and if any of you lives in London or Paris or maybe Genève and want to do me this favor I would be very . I'm just not sure where I'll have to go or if.
And I'm in Mexico Elias ...definitively not close! But I can accept a plane ticket to check the pearls out ;)
Naah...COVID is still making traveling a no-go for many.
Have a great week everyone :D
Thank you Douglas. I hope someday go to Mexico. I think I'll love there. Hopefully I'll visit you and see your amazing pearls in person. I think I'm very close to mexican culture because I kind of grew up watching mexican soap operas hahaha.
You'll love it here, for sure :)