Attack of the baroques


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Jul 6, 2007
Has anyone else noticed all the baroque pearls invading TV lately? Last night (Monday) Katie Couric had on what appeared to be a baroque multi SS strand and Bree on Desperate Housewives had on a double strand of small baroques Sunday night.
I think that's great! Baroques are so unique you'd think more stars who want to stand out would be wearing them.
I've noticed the same is happening over here, too.
I have noticed a big increase in baroque sales this fall season, they have been gaining in popularity for the last couple of years though, but I'm seeing a big push lately.
I noticed the double strand on Desperate Housewives but couldn't tell that it was baroque.
Not many people wearing baroque pearls around here (San Francisco) but I have seen them in a few recent fashion magazines.
Hi Casey
Last mother's day, I bought a baroque strand from Jeremy for my sis-in-law who is rather fashionable and lives in SF-actually Point Richmond. she has been known to wear it out for breakfast! :p
I like baroques too. They are interesting to look at and are much more affordable. I especially love the roundish tahitians that get concentric circles.

As to Bree's pearls, they certainly weren't rounds. Maybe potato shaped would be a better description then baroque.