Atelier Marisa - Creator of Orbit 8 Earrings

Atelier Marisa's Marisa Goebel La Belle has a creative gift with pearls. She is well known for her patented celestial Orbit 8 earrings, but there is so much more to her style. But let's start with the Orbit 8.

Atelier Marisa earrings.jpg

They thread through the earlobe and snap in back - zero worries and major comfort. Below is a model showing how they are worn. And they are created with other gems as well as our treasured pearls.

Atelier Marisa orbit 8 patented earring.JPG

Another innovation, the King Arthur pendant. An enormous South Sea pearl set with gemstones. No need to pull this sword out of the stone - better to keep it close to the heart!

Ateliler Marisa sword pendant.jpg

Pearls with diamond halos are another specialty and the pearls are exceptional.

Atelier Marisa GSS Ring.jpg
Atelier Marisa Ring.jpg

Just when you think her bag of tricks might be empty -- another unusual pearl jewel -- a tricorn pearl pendant with three diamond stems that revolves freely on the bail.

Atelier Marisa tri pendant.jpg

Not only is she a stellar jewelry designer -- she is also a published expert on Polynesian black pearls. To see more gems and to learn more about Marisa, visit the website.

Blaire Beavers