Pearl Guide News Article: Atelier Marisa - Creator of Orbit 8 Earrings!


Sep 20, 2006
Marisa La Belle is an amazing designer with a gift for using pearls. I hope you'll check it out, because there are seven photographs of her pearl jewelry here. (Personally, I long to own a pair of these earrings!) :)

Atelier Marisa earrings.jpg

King Arthur pendant.
Ateliler Marisa sword pendant.jpg

See them here:

The booth location was not as friendly to candid photos as most. I hope you'll bear with the shadows. :)

Thank you,
Very nicely done, Blaire ... thanks for the delicious photos :) Hope you feel better soon.
Wonderful photos. Love the sword-in-the-pearl pendant!
Right? It is such a joy to find cool designers and be able to share them, especially when their work is truly creative. This might sound funny, but there is a lot of beautiful pearl jewelry design out there that isn't especially innovative. I just cruise on by at the shows because it isn't interesting enough to merit exposure here.

When you see something like little h, your eyes are really opened to the world of opportunities there are for someone who can "see" outside of the box. I'm hoping to get up to LA to do a story on little h soon. :)

Thanks! :)