Are these River Pearls???? Opinions Please


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Jan 25, 2007
Hi All,

What is the opinion on these freshwater pearls. Are they River Pearls? They look like it to me but freshwater naturals are not my forte although I knew, just knew, that Andrea aka madsciencechic's big whites had to be naturals. So maybe my eye is coming into recognising river pearls as well as they do Arabian Gulf pearls.

The necklace is 48 inches long and the pearls are up to 1/2" or 12mm or so. I don't have them so cannot give more details.

Please do give me your opinions on these.

Dawn - Bodecia
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What a pretty necklace! love the smokey quartz and pearl combo :) To me those pearls look like CFWP, I recall Pacific Pearls had strands of pearls that looked a lot like those in your necklace about a year ago (doesn't look like they have any for sale right now though, but you could email Fuji and I bet he could get you photos). I, personally, am still not convinced that the big pearls in my necklace are naturals and probably won't be till I get them certified. Just my 2c!
Wild river pearls do not have that flat side as a characteristic, while it is entirely characteristic for CFWP. Which are really still river pearls too except they are in lakes.