Are Pearllunar’s photos accurate?


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Jun 2, 2014

I saw some pretty pearls on Pearllunar’s shop on eBay, but the ones I want are pretty expensive so I would like to know if their photos are close to the true color, luster etc.?

Thanks. :)
And oh, the pearls I want are 9.9 mm round freshwater pearls, but do they come in this size if they haven’t been nucleated with a bead? I asked the seller and they said it’s just been nucleated with a tiny ”chip”...
I have bought from Pearllunar several times, recently and also years ago. I find that the photos are pretty accurate, but they are good photos, the pearls do not look like this all the time, but if the light is good then they do. Like glamour shots. Also read the description, I ones ordered a pair of studs, they were tiny (ok like 7 mm), but the listing was accurate. Freshwater pearls can be that big, I don't know what they mean being nucleated with a tiny chip,maybe they mean the mantle tissue. Most of their pearls are not bead nucleated, unless it says so in the description. I have never found any fault in their listing.
Freshwater pearls do come in that size (and larger) without a bead nucleus, yes.
I had ordered from them several times many years ago and everything they sent was excellent. As for the colours...Very few photos are an accurate reflection of the true colour of the pearl. You need photos in different light to get a feel for the overall colour. A strand will look, often, quite washed out in strong daylight and come to life in the shade.
Thank you for your replies, I feel confident in buying from them now. I’m aware of the color issue, it’s impossible to catch the right colors with a camera and pearls look so different in different lights. Here are the earrings I purchased from Pearllunar, they were listed as champagne gold pink with a blue overtone. The luster may not be mirror like but that’s not a must for me with stud earrings as I enjoy the ”glowing” look. I just hope the blue overtone is there in real life!
Please remember to click on the photo to see the right size and colors, the photo posted is smaller and the colors look washed out imo.