Mikimoto authenticity?


May 9, 2024
Hi all
I’m looking to purchase a vintage mikimoto. I recently bought an AAA akoya strand from pearl paradise and absolutely love it. However I went pass a Mikimoto shop and omg they blew me away so I’m looking to get a second strand of pearl but cannot afford retail price of Mikimoto hence I’m looking at vintage ones on eBay. Could you please help me check for authenticity? Thanks heaps in advance


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Also found another vintage strand from ysjapantrading


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Well, mind you: you are not actually looking at the real product when you purchase online. Be mindful of online companies on eBay!
Make sure you get a Full Money Back Guarantee in case what you get does not match what you see!
1st strand. I've never seen that clasp before on Mikimoto pearls.

2nd strand. I've seen that design of clasp, but never in silver. I've only seen that clasp in yellow or white gold. I know Miki used to use silver clasps 50+ years ago, but it wasn't that design.

I'm not saying these aren't real Mikis, but I've never seen those clasps before. I'd say, "Buyer Beware" on Ebay.
Also be aware that a regular strand, even low quaility, of Akoya can be strung on a Mikimoto clasp
I would be sceptical of these. Never seen the clasp before and the pearls don’t scream “Mikimoto” lol
I have been seeing a lot of “Mikimoto” pearls on eBay that are not at all Mikimoto, and I think that if they are you won’t have to question it as the pearls are that beautiful ;)

To clarify neither of these are going to be likely authentic, especially if they are offered at a bargain.