A Visit to Mikimoto Pearl Island


Traveling Pearl
Feb 26, 2015
I visited Mikimoto Pearl Island as a kid, but I really only remembered the statue and the Ama divers, so it was a great experience to revisit the site. Even my non-pearl friends enjoyed the museum and learning more about the cultured pearl process. We also had a very nice lunch in their restaurant.

This is the building you enter to walk across the glass bridge to the island. Through the windows, you can see the ceiling is thick with banners. I adore kid art, so this was a cheery highlight heading to the island.
Mikimoto Pearl Island
Mikimoto Pearl Island
Mikimoto Pearl Island

It was a quiet day to visit. We pretty much had the place to ourselves.
Welcome to Mikimoto Pearl Island
Kokichi Mikimoto Statue
Mikimoto Pearl Museum
Mikimoto Pearl Island
Mikimoto Pearl Island

This is the viewing area for the Ama divers
This is the viewing area for the Ama divers
Ama Diver Schedule
Ama Divers arriving
The Ama Divers
Ama divers Mikimoto Pearl Island

There are two showrooms. One has more affordable items and of different brands, and also various souvenirs, and the second is Mikimoto. As you can see from the signage, taking pics is widely discouraged in the sales areas.
Mikimoto Museum Shop
Mikimoto Museum Shop

I’ll start a new post with all the pics from the museum. These are going to be random snapshots, and several are not so great as there was a lot of glare and reflection from all the lights.
Jeg. Thank you for this. Oh my, that c1900 conch pearl brooch - be still my beating heart! Divine.
Jeg, thanks for this amazing tour. So special. You know that my love is for the antique jewels and my favorite ( hard to pick) was the Tiffany brooch with the carved Moor head. What a treat to see it all through your pictures.
Thanks everyone! It’s worth the visit if you are anywhere nearby. The museum has beautiful displays of jewelry, pearls and educational information and history. There were some field trip groups entering as we were leaving.