A new type of pearl!


Pearl Paradise
Jun 22, 2004
Ok. Maybe this isn't a new type of pearl, but it is a new technology used to create something exciting and new. Anybody recognize what this is? Don't post if we've already discussed;)


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Wild guess here...Tahitian Souffle pearl? Whatever they are, they certainly are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Jeremy :cool:
They look souffle-ish yet keshi-ish. Freshwater. The colors and shapes are very intriguing.
Then again those yellow and blue colors make me wonder whether the Vietnamese are doing something different with their akoyas?

But have akoyas ever been nucleated with anything other than a round bead? It seems too far-fetched actually.
I'm in. Did you buy some for me...?

Gotta be hollow. Nucleated with something synthetic and not stinky/messy and easy to remove? Balloon-ish?
It's related to the souffle and actually explains the original concept of the souffle pearl - something we all missed. Below is a shot of a nice 14-15 mm sample. The full story is coming soon:cool:


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I was waiting for something like this to come out of Tahiti. Finally! Competition is best countered with innovation.
I am waiting!!!

DK :)
Love it- those are gorgeous, and the shapes are really striking! Can't wait to find out what you've got up your sleeve! ;)