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  • I will be on an island tomorrow. I'm looking forward to discussing this matter with the rest of the "boats". Good stuff. All checked and serviced.
    I don't think its the woman per se. I think the envy stems from the size of his boat.
    Again, You are barking up the wrong tree. Not only do I have a full head of brown hair. I have also been able to overcome my Paspaley envy. The Professor is still struggling in that regard. The island is easy to find. Most of your old pirate maps identify it with the words. "Treasure Map" Pictures of rocks and palm trees with a winding line of dashes ending in an "X" The legend will usually say something like "X marks the spot". Any pirate map. They are all pretty much the same.
    I don't know that I ever knew what his share was. Or what it would be worth today. The other fellow is native to the region. He has an ethnic name that is unpronounceable. An abundance of vowels. Very low key. Led the local choir to a gold medal in the inter island A capella championships 4 years running.
    I suppose he is part owner of the island. Although they did name the place after another chap. He blogs using a series of tubes and coconut shells which he powers with a stationary bicycle. Ingenious. Well, He is a Professor.
    Sorry my mistake. He only shares the island with Ginger and Maryann. No relationship.
    Well, There you have it. It couldn't be me. Affairs sound like something that have to be intelligently managed.
    Hi Slraep - Australia is not the place for you! Winter is pretty much a non-event. The ski industry only survives marginally, and then only by using snowmakers. I haven't had the opportunity to visit Canada at all, but should be in NY & Boston next January - that's about the closest I will get for a while!
    Love your animals - something we definitely have in common!
    Hi Slraep - thought that since you are coming to dinner, we should be friends! How much of your time do you spend on P.E.I. compared with in Quebec?
    Hi Danuta (is it?)
    Yes I love cats. Right now I have two females, Nicky and Molly. Molly is a real lady with explicit wishes, lol.

    Nicky came to us from nowhere last autumn and stayed... Both are grey and white, Molly is more brownish/grey, Nicky is anthracit/grey, both are much loved by our whole family.

    I don't know pattye, I guess I just clicked on some software commands--- and voila, look what happened! I'm good with repairing hard discs too. What can I say, it's a gift.;) And speaking of gifts, if any of my family or friends is somehow reading this---I DON'T NEED ANY MORE BOOKS ON UNIX. Get me pearls instead, okay!?!
    Muah hah ha! Yes, Blaire and Octavia are both pearl-greedy fiends. (But don't tell anyone)
    Yeah, I did go a little crazy with all the fun options! I'm hoping nobody recognizes me from the black and white photo.
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