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Recent content by newberry

  1. newberry

    Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

    Here are my 8 way roller metallic earrings 2009 Color shift metallic 2011 My metallic color shift necklace Ice pink metallic 2010 with one of the first souffle pearls White metallic strand with white metallic drop earrings Metallic drop pendent and earrings 2013 Pendant now on...
  2. newberry

    ??Sea of Cortez Pearls??

    My Sea of Cortez pearl Finished on it's necklace Before After with a Kamoka keshi So are Sea of Cortez pearls special? Absolutely
  3. newberry

    souffle pearls

    My Tahitian souffle strand that I got when I visited Pearl Paradise last month
  4. newberry

    Restyled & Recycled Jewelry Challenge!

    Saw these Vietnamese Akoyas at a ruckus. Fell hard and had to have them. Didn't care that they were very small pearls compared to what I usually wear Even wore them Saturday morning of that years ruckus. I didn't wear them much after that weekend. I would put them on and then take them...
  5. newberry

    Restyled & Recycled Jewelry Challenge!

    Thank you !!!!! It is really a fun strand to wear and it always get compliments. Amti I love your redo's.The blue pearls are so dark and wonderful especially contrasted with the white pearls. I totally understand why your mom borrowed it and you don't see it much ;) A picture I forgot I...
  6. newberry

    Restyled & Recycled Jewelry Challenge!

    The pearl started like this: I saw it like this at Pearl Paradise: Went home like this: On a visit to Pearl Paradise to see the Baroque 10mm akoyas I took it along to compare the luster of akoya pearls to the super metallic drops. I left it for a redo after matching it to one of the akoya...
  7. newberry

    You All See This PP Blog Post???

    Walter was just the cutest pixie when he confided that he had arranged for you to have your strand Cathy. Especially so because you weren't quite speaking to him after viewing the harvest strands :) I could hardly keep his secret because you were so unhappy with him. But my lips were sealed...
  8. newberry

    Please help with green Tahitian earring design

    I like option 2 and JerseyPearl's idea. Here's what I do with a pair of drops that I have.
  9. newberry

    You All See This PP Blog Post???

    Here are two pictures that I took on Sunday of the gold strands.
  10. newberry

    You All See This PP Blog Post???

    The gold and white pearls all come in different shades with different overtones. Here is the glamour shot of my harvest strand. and with my other south sea strands ;) with one exception, the pink pearl in the middle strand is a pink Japan Kasumi
  11. newberry

    2017 Ruckus Treasures

    I was so happy to be able to wear my golden harvest strand on Saturday night. I pared it with the Sarah tin cup with the pink Kasumi and the 24KT strand. Julie was wonderful to lend me her white and golden south sea bracelets to complete the outfit :) Thank you JulieBeth
  12. newberry

    2017 Ruckus Treasures

    Here is my harvest strand ;) I am thrilled with it. A couple of pecan pearls for earrings and a pendent and a a white fireball for a friend. My birthday pearl that Hisano created a new design for me. I'll have to take a better picture of it and post later. When you see it in person in...
  13. newberry

    35" or 54"?

    I see this is your first post so welcome to PG BritM. My favorite length is 42 inches for a long strand. It seems to be my sweet spot. I can wear it long and then doubled. I like my strands to be 19 to 20 inches long so the 42 inch lays with a nice gap between when it's doubled. Here are...
  14. newberry

    First Day of June, the Month of the Pearl!

    Hmmmm maybe this one? or or If it's not them here's some more :) I guess I can say I like tin cups :o
  15. newberry

    A Facebook Live Pearl Paradise Show and Tell

    What could be a better birthday than being able to play pearls in the Pearl Paradise pearl vault is being able to share the fun with all of you. All of this started as it's spring. Hisano and Jeremy's annual trip to Hong Kong bringing back lots of pearls for their vault. Me being very very...