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I found a pearl!!! Help me!!!

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  • I found a pearl!!! Help me!!!

    Hi everyone.

    First I' am sorry for my english. I found white pearl (It has a green streak) on the beach in bay Arcachon( Atlantic Ocean), town Audenge-France. Pearl was in sand (not shell,mussel). Dimensions: (more or less) 16 x 15,5 x 15,3 mm. weighs: 5,8 grams. Pearl is pitting,indentation ( probably long time was in salt water). I don't know what kind of pearl I found and how much can be worth.
    Please help. Give me some advice.
    Photos:Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0404.jpg
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ID:	410054Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0426.jpg
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Name:	DSC_0428.jpg
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Name:	DSC_0412.jpg
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Name:	DSC_0415.jpg
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Name:	DSC_0401.jpg
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    <a href=http://zapodaj.net/5995965f9d350.jpg.html>DSC_0415.jpg</a>


    <a href=http://zapodaj.net/0b163ec458c07.jpg.html>DSC_0404.jpg</a>


    <a href=http://zapodaj.net/2420a98c1250b.jpg.html>DSC_0428.jpg</a>
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    Welcome to the forum! One thread about your find is enough, so the duplicates were deleted.

    Thank you for all the photos. It looks like glass. Does it feel cool to the touch?


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      It looks like a milk glass/ cat's eye marble that has been worn down by the water. I don't think it has any commercial value.


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        I was also thinking a glass marble also. Fun to beach comb


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          is more warm not cool to the touch. Face(surface) is more matt-photo number four (from the top), other photos-lights fault. "Pearl" has a lot of chips,splinter-that reflect light in which you can see overlapping layers,coating (poorly visible-photo number 3-from the top). It is possible that the pearl was chipping?? hmm... this is probably some marble or something like this.


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            Looks like sea glass to me, too.

            Tumbling around in the surf for years would have made it perfectly round, but with dings from other rocks.


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              I agree with others this is not a pearl.

              However, there is a test you can try. Do you have a piece of scrap window glass handy?

              Support the glass from either end, bridging between them. Drop the object on the glass from a height of six to twenty inches (or so).

              If the glass breaks, it's definitely not a pearl. A pearl will not break glass from any height before cracking, chipping or breaking itself.


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                Glass would be warm to the touch. Warmer than pearls.

                Please wear eye protection if you attempt to break glass with it-- glass splinters could fly.


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                  I would not think a slab of glass would break until the drop of a small marble. Also, it could put further chips in the marble, and it's quite pretty. Plus, the danger of the broken glass. I think candling or shining a light through the marble would be a better way of telling if it is a pearl or not.


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                    Pearls and shells are biotic structures. Once removed from it's living host the protein content dries or becomes washed out. A beach can be any combination of things where wet/dry, hot/cold and sunny mixes are frequent.

                    Pearls in the jewelry box are pampered. Pearls and shells in nature are not. Aragonite exposed to sun and air will revert to calcite, rapidly. That means a neglected pearl would almost always become softer in structure and chalkier in appearance. This piece appears shinier than matte and hard like marble or alabaster.

                    Washing glasses in porcelain sink? Not good. Porcelain will break glass with minimal effort. Fire rescue crews carry pieces of spark plugs in a pocket, for quick access.

                    Last edited by Lagoon Island Pearls; 08-27-2015, 11:15 PM.


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                      Whoa! I love stuff like this! Thanks, Dave!



                      SO MANY PEARLS, SO LITTLE TIME----


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                        Holy Moly ! Amazing! Thanks Dave!!


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                          Very good information!


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                            OK, cool video. I learned something today. Thank you.

                            However, if I found a really pretty marble, I wouldn't want to break glass with it just to prove it's not a pearl.