Help on some 'Mississippi pearls' that I found on eBay - are these real?


Sep 30, 2019
I found these on eBay but I am not sure these are real Mississippi pearls. The seller has been honest that the ones near the end (at the clasp) are not real. Those aren't the issue. It's the rest of them. Do they look authentic to you? Experts - please help me. This is a lot of money if they aren't American river pearls. If they are real American river pearls, then I'm interested. But I'd still want to know where in America they are from - if not from the Mississippi river system, then where?
In the enlarged photo of the pearls, a number of the drill holes seem large. When drill holes vary in size it can be a problem stringing them. Sounds like there is about 14 inches or so of pearls. Looks like you can make an offer and also have 30 day return policy. The colors are consistent with freshwater pearls.

Mussels in smaller rivers that fed into the Mississippi River also produced pearls. Here's a fascinating article
first shared by our member, Pearl-man. Seems like you can flip through and read the complete article if you like.
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Many thanks Pattye. I really appreciate the reply.