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Stringing pearls/beads on multistrand wire.

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  • Stringing pearls/beads on multistrand wire.

    Stringing beads on wire is indeed a tough and long lasting way to make sure you won't need to restring for many years. Stringing beads on wire is the most simple technique in bead-stringing and taught in beginning beading classes in every bead store in America.

    Here is a review of that technique:

    After designing the necklace, I thread the beads on Softflex still on the spool.
    When I am done stringing, I finish off the end I was putting the beads on, first.
    This is done by stringing a crimp tube and gimp on the end, then pass the end through the ring on the clasp then back through the crimp tube.
    Pull it all together tightly, so the clasp is on the gimp and the gimp is a tight little loop coevering the wire, then crimp the crimp tube with crimping pliers (see definitions and glossary)
    After crimping, yank the clasp and necklace to make sure you got it tight.
    Cut off excess wire and cover the crimp tube with a "crimp tube cover" and close it the needle nose pliers. If closed carefully, it looks like a round silver bead.
    Then I cut the other end off the spool and attach another crimp tube, another piece of gimp (1/4/" is ok)the other end of the clasp onto the gimp and repeat. Attached Images

    How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

    My avatar is a Sea of Cortez mabe pearl. One of a pair of Mexican handmade earrings.