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Has anyone restrung Majoricas or other beautiful imitation pearls?

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  • Has anyone restrung Majoricas or other beautiful imitation pearls?

    I just got these vintage Majoricas, but though I love casual glam, I kind of doubt I’ll wear a triple strand on the regular. A rope, though, quite possibly!

    They probably need restringing in any case. Maybe I could wear the longest strand as a separate necklace, and reattach to the triple clasp when I want to wear major bling.

    I’d love any suggestions for how to configure them so I can wear them often. I’m thrilled with them—they are almost 27 years old according to the certificate, and they have no damage or wear. Only a little tarnish on the clasp.

    Thanks for looking!


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    I've restrung them; the hole is the same as most genuine pearls. If Serafil or Beader's Secret, use the regular size. If Power Pro, use 20# test.

    You could change out the clasp; the silver orbit clasp (oval push clasp, if buying from Rio Grande) would give you versatility in how you configure them, if you don't mind not using the original clasp. It's a little tricky removing tarnish because it's vermeil (gold plated over silver) and silver polishing cloths may wear through the plating.

    If you decide to try to remove the tarnish, I wouldn't use the yellow Sunshine cloth-- it's too abrasive. The blue Sunshine cloth is gentler, although also slightly abrasive.
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      PD, the orbit clasp is a brilliant idea. I’m not super attached to the original clasp, though it is set with an amazingly glowy large half-pearl. After I remove it I will clean super gently with a microfiber cloth and a baby toothbrush to remove actual dirt before trying anything chemical or abrasive.

      It’ll be fun to choose a Beader’s Secret shade to go with them, and to replace the tarnished gimp.

      I am so excited to have and wear these. And I didn’t spend much as these things go, so that is also very nice.


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        The problem with the Majorica mabe clasps is that they are just glued on and can fall off. I lost the mabe on a 10mm strand once...went out for lunch, got home and it was gone! My wedding strand also had a small round pearl on the clasp which fell off and was lost. Needless to say, I now prefer their other style clasps!

        Some of the silver orbit clasps are rhodium plated. I prefer these. No tarnish issues going forward. I used the two-strand one when restringing my exotic oval pearls and have used the single strand ones on other strands.

        2 strand clasp:
        1-strand clasp:


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          I have restrung two double strands of imitation pearls that I made for not-husbands granddaughters treasure chest last year. I restrung them as I always do, but changed both clasps to two vintage double silver marcasite clasps that I had on hand. The pearls turned out beautiful. They were very dirty with frayed and stratched silk and ruined clasps. Your imitation pearls looks gorgeous. Some photos of the two strands.
          Click image for larger version

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          This one is made to look like baroque akoyas.
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            OOO, nice. Reminds me of my grandmother's double strand of Richelieu pearls.


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              PD, given your experiences I will be careful of that clasp! Charlotta, lovely restringing of the pretty faux pearls for the young ones’ treasure chest! I’d have LOVED that at a certain age.

              Thank you, BWeaves! I’ve seen some very pretty Richelieu strands.

              I also did order orbit clasps. If possible I really don’t want to do anything to these except possibly wear a strand by itself or wrapped as a bracelet, so it can be easily reattached to the triple. The string is in perfect condition—in the other thread PD mentioned the high quality of the Majorica string and knottting—and the whole package as a set, including box and certificate, seems good to keep together and unaltered as much as possible.
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