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Tahitian Pearl Necklace- Advice?

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    Originally posted by lisa c View Post
    I think phone-to-phone imaging is getting better, but I’ve noticed that some colors which folks describe on PG, particularly the pistachios, look different than I expect.

    Also, my ph camera will adjust for low-light vs window daylight. That leads to What the??? moments, warmer tone vs cooler, but I don’t mind because the lower light photos pick up images more akin to ‘real life’ with pearls, more what the eyes and brain register.
    Biggest reason I don’t fret this is because I’m not a merchant.

    *** so my point, and I do have one, is alg, the comparison photo you took, might give the merchant an opportunity to match, or say Sorry, don’t have it, or I can get it. Might take a while, but save shipping back and forth.

    Ask for different lighting; low indirect light, daylight, indoors, outdoors, light box.
    Ah, you’ve probably already thought about all this!
    (I’ve never been particularly techno-adept, so I’ve never calibrated my phone camera with a gray-card as has been suggested by the savvy, so I blame myself, not my phone.)
    Awesome suggestion, didn't even think of that.


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      Happy Valentine's Day Y'All!!!
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        I like that color & think they are pretty but if trying to match then its harder from photos. I used to like dark but have that & the silver now appeals to me as different & something I don;t have. Hope you were able to get the colors you wanted.