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    I have a large (more than 1 inch long by nearly an inch wide) Broome Bay baroque cultured pearl that I bought a while ago and when it arrived I found it was scratched but the seller claimed it was not so when she sent it so I was stuck (my fault for not buying from a professional I guess). Anyway, I once posted to Orchid about if there was a way to repair the scratch and they replied I could use a little Zam and buff the scratch out. I have been too chicken to try this (I paid too much for the pearl) and when I came across this forum I felt you folks were more expert at pearls than Orchid so I thought I would try aksing here. I do not know how deep the scratch is, I tried to photograph it, sorry about the pic quality, but let me know. I have held off having it set because I wanted to deal with the scratch first, but I had planned on having a platinum deco style bail made for it. Anyway, thanks in advance for any info you can help me with, Alex.
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    I would be really careful trying to buff out the scratch. You can attempt to polish it again, but the scratch is likely to still be visible. Do you know how deep the scratch is? How was it possibly scratched? It looks like a scratch from a sharp piece of metal, like someone was setting it into a piece and slipped (twice). I have had this happen with Tahitian pearls in the past. I have been able to clean it up a little, but not make the scratch disappear. When this is the case the only use I then have for the pearl is a setting which covers one side.

    How do you plan to use the pearl?
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      I have no idea how they happened as the pearl arrived to me that way, I don't know how to tell how deep the scratches are, I mean it is not like they are gashes big enough measure and say yep, 1mm deep, whatever the depth it is shallow enough to make it hard to measure. I had planned to top drill it enough to put a post into it that would be the anchor for an ornate cone shaped kind of bail that woudl cover only a very little of the very top of the pearl. The scratches cannot be covered by this as they are on the fat (bottom) end of the pearl to one side, I suppose the pearl could be set such that the scratches face my skin.

      I would still like to try to dimish their appearance as much as I can, what do you recommend using?


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        Something very non-abrasive. You do not want to make more scratches. Try using a damp cloth and rub it in the direction of the scratches. You may want to try just a touch of oil on the cloth as well. This may sound a bit strange, but try to collect the oil from your own skin.
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        President and Founder, Inc.
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        Some of My Favorite Pearly Finds on Instagram


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          Scratched pearl

          I know this comes pretty late, but maybe it helps anyway. You can use a Sunshine cloth if the scratches are not too deep and you are patient enough to work on it. Your pearl has very thick nacre even for a South Sea as one can tell from the "hammered" look. The scratches look like the pearl was transported with solitaire diamond jewelry at sometime or another. Contrary to industry mystique, pearls and diamonds don't mix well. That goes especially for transport.



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            Scratched South Sea Pearl


            is a Sunshine cloth a brand or what kind of cloth is it? Whre can I get it in case I need one?




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              Polishing cloth

              Hi Inge,

              Here in the U.S. I get it from Rio Grande. You can also buy it retail from and there are certain to be wholesalers and retailers for similar products in Europe, too. The best way to avoid scratching your pearls remains to stay away from diamond clasps. I consider them pig lipstick anyway.



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                Hi, I hope your expertise could help:

                I was given a 46-strand necklace of what I am guessing are 2mm pearls, can't determine the kind, however I misplaced them when I moved and have only discovered them recently. It has been exactly 2 years since I had them and found the surface slightly scratched, and do not come off when I try to rub them. It has also lost some of its sheen. It's a shame really, since I remember it having a beautiful lustre to them when I first saw them. Perhaps this is caused by not having been worn, thus, unmoisturised by our bodies' natural oils and thus has slightly, died? Do pearls die?

                Anyway, could someone shed light on what caused the pearls to become like this and how it is possible to restore them, I should say, to their former glory?


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                  We have so much on the care of pearls here.

                  In any case, wear them and let them sit in the bathroom in a shell when you shower. Wait to rub the scratches with anything, in case they are dry.

                  Pearls do die. Differnt deaths and different timeframes per pearl. I think there is a thread about it. A modicum of care and wearing and they will not die.

                  How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

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                    It has unfortunately been the absence of care and wearing that have made them 'look' abandoned (lose lustre). I shall be wearing them a lot in the next few days and see what happens.

                    Ta Caitlin


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                      FORTY-SIX STRANDS! OH, do post pics if you can!
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                        46 Strands....I'm feeling weak! Do they look tiny like this?

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Aaaahhhh it has just dawned on me that I have posted an erroneous post about my pearl necklace - I have had my auntie look at them and they are not 2mm but 7mm and there are 46 7mm pearls on the strand!!

                          Please accept my apologies - aside from appreciation of these beautiful gems I have yet to learn proper pearl scrutiny and measurement!