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Australian GSS pearls from Pearl Society

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  • Australian GSS pearls from Pearl Society

    Hello! I'm a newbie but I've been reading the posts here in PG for weeks now since I'm looking to buy my first SS pearl/s. I'm getting better differentiating FW posing as South sea pearls (practice, practice...)

    per senior members recommendation on how can you tell if it's a real south sea pearls: see/feel it in person.

    and i did and i almost passed out looking at the price tags LOL (went to jewelry shops in Carmel, CA and Monterey by the way)

    but then i started looking at etsy and ebay "just to check" and found these and it's kinda hard to let it pass if it's a real GSS pearl.
    It says Australian GSS 13mm round from pearl society hong kong.

    My question is:

    Is my guess true that these are real GSS?

    or it's another FW dyed and sold as GSS?Click image for larger version

Name:	pearl1.jpg
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Name:	pearl2.jpg
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    They are GSS.


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      I absolutely LOVE how you came here and asked prior to your purchase...this is a wonderful place for consumer information and the opportunity to speak to both pearl enthusiasts as well as true experts is invaluable. Those are very pretty studs, by the way! And welcome to PG!
      Instagram: Ocean's Cove


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        Welcome, Kchan. I've bought several things from the Pearl Society and been very pleased. I trust them. If you get them, please post pics when they arrive!


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          I have purchased from Pearl Society as well, and have been very pleased. The photos are accurate, and those pearls will have the tiny divots that you see, but you will save loads of money compared to perfect pearls.


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            Let me chime in. I also purchased from them and received exactly what was pictured and at a very reasonable price. Good luck!


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              I thi k they look great ! Please do post photos when they arrive and tell us what you think . I've heard only good reports about them.


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                thank you so much for the warm welcome and your replies will post once i received the earrings


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                  Please do!
                  Instagram: Ocean's Cove