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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Something new to swoon over besides pearls and shave ice ... pineapple smoothies ... oooh!



    • Charlotta2.0 So happy to see your wave strands!!!! They are SOOO beautiful!!!!

      jeg I am dreaming of pineapple smoothies now!!! ....your shell earrings are dreamy as well!

      Cold autumn weather here, so cashmire and pearls time for me ;-)Click image for larger version

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      • CortezPearls
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        Pearls and Cashmire...Pinneaple and Pearls!
        Notice how pearls just look great with anything

    • My pleasure eolian pearls. While there are occational heatwaves during the summer here, mostly it's cashmere weather all year around, at least at nighttime. Very pretty floating pearl. It's great with that scarf.


      • Charlotta2.0 Your golden wave strands take my breath away every time!!!
        eolian pearls ​​I love your cashmere styling and of course that gorgeous floating pearl
        jeg ​Lovely earrings! I will be dreaming of that pineapple smoothie until I can make it back to Hawaii!


        • Thank you SurfnSci


          • Thanks Douglas, Cathy, eolian and SurfnSci! No whale watching pics for this trip Douglas. It’s a little early for the best whale watching. We took a Zodiac out in February, on Maui, several years back, and they were everywhere. Really, you could see them anywhere from the shore splashing around, and if you just stuck your head underwater you could hear them. My favorite sea creatures are the Hawaiian spinner dolphins. A lifetime memory was when we snorkeled from shore and huge pods of spinner dolphins were playing in the bay. They swam all around us, so close that I could see their eyes moving all around.

            Eolian, I really love those colors together! That scarf is such a cheery color and a great pearl color as well!

            Ahhh, yes, pineapple smoothies... I am still dreaming of them myself... I’m back home, but haven’t let go of wearing my seashell and florals. An Edison pendant set with Hisano’s rose gold bail, that was a special request to Jeremy on one of their HK shopping trips, a textured mix metal flower link necklace from a trip to Paris several years ago, and rose gold with pink sapphire and diamond flower earrings from Hawaii.
            Click image for larger version

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            • Originally posted by CathyKeshi View Post
              It's been grey, dreary and a sudden COLD snap here in PA; what a delight to come to Pearl Guide and find such beauty, color and friends!
              Jeg, those earrings are very lovely, a real standout pair of studs ... and the flowers oooh!
              RED, waving "Hi" and from Walter too (who fell off Ban Island tonight snicker).

              Thank You all!
              Hi Cathy - Okay, I really did laugh out loud at the news that Walter fell off of Ban Island. Waving "hi" to Walter!

              Looking forward to photos.


              • Jeg ... the EARRINGS!!! Oh yes, with those pieces, darling Congratulations!!!

                Red ... photos will have to wait, he's claimed his prize till Christmas



                • Thank you CathyKeshi! Charlotta I’m looking forward to see your macrame creation.

                  eolian pearls The fiesta thread really give the keshi a new look. They are a wonderful combination Black Friday sale is just around the the corner. Then there will be Christmas sale. Just saying…

                  jeg your romantic Edison and flower set is insanely beautiful! Like the ‘my closet tours’ on YouTube, I’d absolutely love to see your jewellery closet tour. Up close in a video​​​​​​​


                  • What great memories of Hawaii and your encounters with Nature jeg !
                    I love dolphins and whales...did I ever tell the story when I was inside one? Not like Jonah, the Prophet, but in a more...biology student situation (quite gross). For us, whale watching season is about to commence!
                    BTW: Beautiful Metallic Edison! What a find!
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                    Douglas McLaurin-Moreno


                    • jeg What gorgeous pieces! That Edison's color is fantastic, and oh my gosh, your Parisian metal flower necklace is beautiful! I love the combo with those earrings.

                      I've been wanting to try to make an endless ombre strand, and finally finished an attempt with some multicolor Edisons from PP that I'm wearing to run errands today. Nothing like pearls and grocery shopping, haha.
                      Click image for larger version

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                      • CortezPearls
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                        Beautiful Edison necklace SurfnSci
                        And I love how versatile it looks!

                    • Beautiful ombre endless edisons SurfnSci.


                      • Thank you, Cathy! I do have a lot of other jewelry, but I don’t stray from the pearls very often. Just started digging through things again to accessorize. Thank you, echo! I wish I had a whole closet for my pearls! Eewww Douglas! That sounds pretty disgusting! I definitely don’t need to see their insides. Brings me back to my college lab days. SurfnSci, your new ombré piece looks so pretty! Those soft colors flow so nicely and look beautiful on you!

                        Tahitian strands I put together with colorful pearls from CMW and JNB.
                        Click image for larger version

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                        • Thank you everyone!

                          SurfnSci Your ombre is absolutely dreamy! Those soft colors look fairytale-like and your wire wrapping is stellar! Such a beautiful piece!

                          Jeg I LOVE your flower pearl combination! Everything about that get up is unique and special! The earrings, the Parisian necklace, the Edison, your outfit! That pink skirt and the flowers!!! So so lovely! And your Tahitians are spectacular as always, of course!

                          We finally had some nice weather so this is me relaxing on the terrace with my colorful circles...with our photobomber cat

                          Wishing everyone a great week!Click image for larger version

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                          • Pretty circles and beautiful cat eolian pearls.