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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Pareltje ,yes I do have peonies in the gardens. Love peonies. They aren't always easy to get into bloom. They might sulk for a decade.


    • Some of the posts we have on the forum are like pages of the "Garden of Earthly Delights", which we should just change to "The Threads of Pearly Delights"...

      BTW: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all !!!
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      • Originally posted by Pareltje View Post

        linda.wald thank you. CMW is a company specialising in Tahitian pearls, they are based in Hong Kong. Just Google CMW Pearl and you'll find them.
        Thank you! I did, and wow!


        • Thank you Jeg and Pareltje! Yes, I feel very lucky to be near such an amazing sea! Pareltje I cant stop staring at your tin cup!!! Can I ask how big are the pearls? Were they the CMW AAA or top quality? So so gorgeous!

          My favorite light peacock pendant today...The pearl is from Druzy and I cant get over the rainbow luster on it...Click image for larger version

Name:	3D0138EA-730D-4509-ACEB-4175B00C80F0.jpeg
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          • Charlotta I have peonies in the garden too and it took years to see their first flowers​​​​​​.
            linda.wald you're welcome. Just show us what you buy from them someday
            eolian pearls they're 9-10 mm AAA-AA quality, round-semi round. Many of them look like nucleated freshwater pearls . Love love your pendant. I can see the rainbow on your picture
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            • eolian pearls gorgeous pendant. I hope that you get all your pearls soon.
              @pareltj, your tincup is gorgeous. Had to back up and look at it again. Great idea making a bracelet into a tincup. I have been tempted to make my rainbow bracelet from cmw pearls into a tincup.


              • It’s beautiful, eolian! Reflects so nicely off your top/dress.

                Just returned from a pearl play date with Newberry and lmgarden. We met up at SFO, and headed to San Rafael for a few days of pearls and friendship. I posted lots of pics in the Other Stuff thread. I am posting my new treasures in this thread...

                A sister strand for Bubbles! A strand of graduated colors from the same family as Bubbles.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	FDD37925-C3AA-4360-AFD6-42A3F22E95BE.jpeg
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Name:	DF82EFA8-3495-40CB-9633-BB76F94AD494.jpeg
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Name:	5BA1E66F-D663-4491-A960-773D24DA299A.jpeg
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                • Difficult to capture the colors in this beautiful strand of Sea of Cortez pearls. A very special strand-
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	59EDD43D-AD04-4904-AA2C-D2BD52CBAA20.jpeg
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Name:	561F5BC5-2A58-4B9A-A4E3-9EF6EC4C40E4.jpeg
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                  • And a couple more things I had to come home with. A sweet delicate keshi strand that goes with the longer strand I already had. And a light, delicate mixed strand with golds and blacks.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	A12C03DA-AE0D-4359-B2E9-37D7D0EE4657.jpeg
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Name:	34F29CAC-4CFD-496F-8B47-30E0B89C460A.jpeg
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                    • Oh! Oh! Oh! Eolian, and jeg, and dogawnit, I knew I should’ve written all the names down, now I’ll have to edit a gazillion times - who owns the SoC strand? Crazy fun stuff, and that suit with the designer flower and demure pearls! I love it ALL!


                      • eolian pearls your pendant is so gorgeous! It's so rainbow-y and shiny!

                        jeg I love the colors in your bubbles strands and that Sea of Cortez strand is a stunner! Keshi strands aren't something I've considered before but yours are making me consider!

                        I'm excited to have something to share here! I ordered a couple of bracelets from Pearl Paradise and they arrived today! They're sooooo preeeeetty. Here they are together with one of the strands I found at an antique store this weekend. That strand was FILTHY so I cut it apart, washed the pearls, "flossed" them to get the gunk out of the holes, and temporarily strung them on some silk while I wait for my stringing kit from Pattye to arrive. I kind of like the random placement of the sizes instead of smallest at the ends and biggest in the center. Anyway, I know these are bitty, but I love them and I think they're more wearable for me. I have plans to turn them into necklaces once I get good at stringing.

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210510_144430.jpg Views:	0 Size:	253.7 KB ID:	453164
                        Edit to add: washed in room temperature distilled water and a bit of dr bronners unscented soap and rinsed with distilled. I've been reading a LOT on here.

                        I went a bit bonkers ordering pearls online the last week. It's fine. I'm stimulating the economy, okay!?


                        • jeg, AngelinaS, ogling your new acquisitions. They're so so pweetty!


                          • Thank you, Pareltje!


                            • AngelinaS you made out like a bandit with the graduated strand - talk about “You clean up good!” pearls, wow!
                              I agree, pearls stimulate a small but Extremely important part of the economy.


                              • lisa c Thank you so much! My eye isn't trained to recognize real pearls yet but I figured it was worth it for the 10k and 14k clasps alone. Once I cleaned both strands I was even more happy with my finds, but there's something about the graduated pearls that I'm so in love with. I keep taking them out and gazing at them adoringly!